Monday, August 31, 2015

As You Watch The VMAs...

Things I tell myself as I don't watch/see things being posted about tonight's VMA'S ...

***Disclaimer***  sarcasm if you can't catch it..

**update** after I heard Justin Bieber was crying on stage and has a new song and I heard that Kanye wanted to be president ..I quickly did youtube I'm not perfect...but it dosn't changee what I am saying below..I need the truth still..heart and motive check**

*update- I deeply regret watching Justin's new video because it's sooo lust filled...catchy..but yall the music video is basically porn.. deception is 'catchy' and enticing . #prayformyfamJUSTIN's the VMA's tonight... Stacie from 2001-2014 would have been absolutely stoked for the VMA'S...but honestly..the flesh is too weak for me to entertain that... My whole life I struggled with a lust issue....but I've over come that in 2015 with Christ's transforming power... but why would I go watch porn again...because I think I'm strong enough?

Or why would I go watch an award show that is completely LUST FILLED just because I think I'm strong enough and #JesusPaidItAll..


That's like you been on dope you're whole life.. always getting high..and you've been clean for a while..even years...but you think you're so strong..strong enough to go to this party that your ex drug dealer is throwing that you know is going to be full of drugs... 


But everybody hanging at that trap house  place where drugs reside...even ex disney channel you know it's REALL. THE TURN UP WILL BE REALL...ERRERRYBODDY GOING UU GOTTAAA GOOO.

I mean...I know you had a lust problem..I mean, quite frankly if you are having sex/have had sex outside of marriage, have masturbated, watched porn, having fantasies about people other than your spouse..wore them booty shorts and low cut top (I use to do that soo much.. poor me and that low self esteem I had) and I know that those same demons and your sin nature is still lurking around trying to make you go back into lust DAILY...EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY...BUT JUST COME WATCH IT.. i mean're a Christian...that doesn't mean RUN FROM THE WORLD...YOU HAVE TO LIFE YOUR LIFE.!

Aren't you suppose to be praying for those in sin? (Yes, and let me go watch some porn again because I'm so strong and I will totally be praying for them as i watch it)


It's just entertainment. It's just's just prideful's just Illuminati  people who pretend like they worship satan by all the demonic symbolism and baphomet symbols they wear. It's just fun! They only do it because people talk about it! Stop being so serious..being a Christian doesn't take that much!

I know he calls himself, yeezus (cough cough** blasphemy!**)...but it's just for fun.. I know she's half naked...but you can't shield yourself from he world.

I mean, yes I know you use to be on drugs and you sometimes have a desire to continue it again..and I know you are trying to follow Jesus and everything but don't go because by you going to the drug house party you are supporting and giving the drug dealer money by going it's just a's innocent.

I're going to hear all about the party on your facebook newsfeed you might as well go ! and plus..Alexis Texas is hosting it!

I'm just going to the party because I wanna see what stupid stuff they do! I gets more craazy every year!! You can't make this stuff up! It's just fun.. I mean what are they going to do next?!! continue to be naked and have you lust after them and glorify satan blatenly and get paid of advertisement because you are getting their viewers up 

I mean...they all thank 'god' even tho they are glorying satan  during their acceptance that's kind of Christian right?


So, am no way am I saying you are a 'bad christian' for watching the VMAS...but what I am saying is you're not as strong as you think..

Love you guys,


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