Friday, August 21, 2015

Reflect It Back

Hey you guys! Happy Friday! Okay, I'm about to go to Main Event, like a place for arcade games, laser tag, and all that fun stuff with my bestie Dana and her boyfriend! I'm so excited! (also stay tuned for 30 minutes worth of video footage of Dana speaking on several things to edify you in Christ) :)

So I asked myself this morning.

In this world, we are taught to market ourselves, to build a better future for ourselves, to basically build a platform for ourselves.

It's what we our taught. All about self-branding ourselves, giving ourselves glory. That's our human nature. But since we died to our human nature  (well we have to war against our sin nature/human nature..everyday we have to get our Ephesians 6 on) and now have the Holy Spirit living within us so we no longer live for our glory. We live for Christ. To live is Christ. 

All my life I tried to build myself a platform, because I was low on self-esteem, so I depended on the world to fulfill me...even though I kept coming up empty. 

When I stopped living for my glory, and started living for Christ, I was filled with so much peace and joy. That is my true purpose in life. I know it's still hard for me sometimes, but that's why I must stay alert, because the sin nature and the new nature you have in Christ are constantly Waring against each other and we must be ready for battle! But, rejoice, because our Loving Father God has WON ALL THE VICTORY!

Every day...I need to..I have to check myself and say...Am I living for God's praise or people's praise? Do I want the attention or do I want a platform so I can reflect all the glory back to God. Not 5% of the Glory, or 99% percent of the Glory...but ALL of the Glory!

Join me in doing that!

And trust me, it is hard to do that... in this day of social media we all want to glorify ourselves. And nothing is wrong with social media but it is soo easy to want to glorify ourselves to the world. Even with my blog...I have to make sure my heart is pure in my intentions that I want all the glory, and praise from this blog to be given FULLY TO CHRIST.

All of Him. None of Me.

That's where our true fulfillment comes!

I love you guys! I'm about to go get dressed and meet Dana! I'm excited! I will post pictures of the fun we had on my next blog.

What are you doing today?

Stacie Cherill Dickson

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