Monday, August 10, 2015

There's Levels To This...

Ya'll God is so awesome. He laid in my heart to start blogging because I have so many words, so many messages that God gives to me that I know will edify and uplift so many people. That edify and uplift me.

Around this time last year I started blogging but my heart was NOT truly submitted to Christ then. I wanted his benefits but not the sacrifice it entails to follow him. I wanted to keep my having sex outside of marriage more than I wanted holiness. I wanted to keep following my fleshly desires more than I wanted Christ's desires for me. I was throwing in the towel because I never thought I could get over the bondage of pornography. I was going through all that, but still was faking some type of holiness by blogging to the world.

I wouldn't dare talk about the sins I was in....knowing that was the stuff I needed to get set free from. When I would see a post that would convict me about my sexual sins....I would run and turn away from it. But I got so tired of running. I was thirsty. I was tired... I needed to drink from that living water that will never let me thirst again.

...but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.- John 4:14

But that's the thing...I was running ahead of God. I know I am called to ministry now. And let me be clear, or let me say that in better terms...IF YOU PROCLAIM YOUR SELF TO BE A CHRISTIAN YOU HAVE A JOB AND OBLIGATION TO BE AN AMBASSADOR OF CHRIST. But some of y'all are called to minister the Gospel in teaching fields, sports fields, school, medical...etc.. But I know God has placed in me the call for full time ministry.

Sometimes we tend to jump levels. I started blogging last year when it wasn't my time. I was looking for the views but had no substance. I wanted to be fully used by God by still being a slave to sin. Now, God still uses people when we are in our mess, I know he used me.. BUT when it came to blogging...I jumped the boat. I was like a junior high football team playing The Dallas Cowboys...I was unprepared.

God is a God of perfect timing but remember we have free will. Free will to wait on his timing or free will to do whatever we want. After so many years of running, I am waiting on HIS perfect timing. Yes, I still make mistakes but now I am truly heeding to the voice of the Lord, and following his correction and guidance instead of hearing and rebelling. And the more you rebel the lower his voice becomes.

God has levels. Like your favorite video game...You can't get to level 3 unless you pass level 4. I mean, you could go find a cheat code to jump to the next level...but you will still be unprepared and ill equip. 

And the longer you chose to ignore him or fake it with cheat codes the longer you will stay at that same level. 

Your jumping levels can lead you to lead someone astray because you didn't let God cleanse that out of you in level 3. Trust me...I know of that first hand. And yes, you can say, oh I'm not a role model, don't look to me look to Christ. Yeah, I feel you. But people Are going to look to you. We are AMBASSADORS OF CHRIST. We represent Christ. So duh, people are going to look to you.

Look at Exodus route..That trip would have took them a few days..but because of their rebellion against God that short trip took 40 years! Don't cause a hindrance on your life because of your rebellion!

When I started blogging I was totally not going in this direction, but it's awesome to see where God takes you when you let him lead.

See you soon,


"The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing." Psalm 23

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