Sunday, August 9, 2015

War of The Worlds

You've seen it in a billion horror movies...your worst nightmare coming true. You try to pinch yourself to make sure it's not true. The sky is a red so dark that it almost looks black
. The city you are in is in chaos and everyone is running around frantically, screaming, looking for refuge. There are billows of smoke coming everywhere from the fires from gun smoke, cars, and buildings. You're heart is beating so fast, you don't know where to run. Everything is in turmoil. Where is God now? People are in the streets injured, screaming crying. You continue to run. I just need safety, I just need safety. 

The world believes there is an alien invasion going on...or alien attack per say, but you know better. You know these aren't highly inelegant beings visiting the earth,  It's just Satan's demonic forces coming down reaking havoc on the earth and everyone they see. 

Everyone they see except the people who seem to be tapping into some epic power. It's like they have the powers that you could find on any Marvel movie except better, eons better. 

These people have a light so huge that they're whole body glows ...Yes they have cuts and bruises and bleeding, but they aren't running around frantically, they are facing these demonic forces head on

It's like they trust the power they have, or whose name they're power comes from more than they would ever trust finding a hiding place. You look back at them, but all your rubber necking is slowing you down. You continue on. I just need a safe place. 

In the Name of Jesus, I command you to Flee! You hear out the corner of your ear. I've got to see this you think. There is this being standing in front of this person who glows, it is the most evil looking thing you've ever seen. So full of terror. They are in a face off. You fear for the life of the human. But he doesn't back down. The person starts to recites  this with so much power and force to the demonic being: He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty!!

How Stupid, you think. This is not the time for quoting dumb Bible verses, this is the time to run and flee! You run faster, looking for some type of shelter, you leave just before you see the demon be pulverized by the spoken word of God. 

faster faster faster faster you run.I gotta get safe, I gotta get safe. 

Now is not the time for God. Now is not the time for praying. It's time for action. I need to get safe. 

You find a shelter that most people use when tornado are spotted you get in underground. You breath a sigh of relief. Until. You see red eyes. Eyes of pure evil. The demonic being doesn't speak but you can sense the evil. The shelter is dark but the red eyes are moving closer, and closer, and closer to you. 

You panic. You are so tired, so powerless. You spent all your time running around frantically. Stop in Jesus name! You scream. You don't believe it but it's worth a try. The being comes closer. You are to tired to say it again but you have no other choice. Stop in the name of Jesus. It worked for those glow people why isn't it working for me. You still don't believe in this Jesus person but it was worth a shot.You grow weaker and weaker.

Stop! Stop! Please Stop.

Everything goes black. 

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