Monday, October 19, 2015

I Mean, It's Not Like We're REALLY Having Sex... #LetsBeReal

....& Other ways I use to justify my sin! I use to believe this lie foreal! I stumbled across a Facebook post asking this question,

"If you have lost your virginity before your married , the bride is suppose to NOT WEAR WHITE On HER WEDDING for she is not PURE in the eyes of God & if so she do wear pure white it's a dishonor.
Is this true ?"

I went in on this! I was excited to go in on this! I know God has gave me a passion to talk about sexual sins and sexual purity and walking in holiness and in how God designed sexuality..not in this perverted demonic filled self-gratification seeking sexuality the world  and our own sin nature is pushing us to believe.

And here was my Response[es] lol! :

Comment 1: 
 I don't know about all that.. But if you repent and ask God to forgive you and you walk toward purity in all areas of your life .. Not just sex .. It doesn't matter what outward dress color you wear .. As long as you let Christ rewash you clean . His blood it what makes you white as snow! Christ is our true bridegroom and he wants us to be white as snow, get our wedding garments ready for the wedding feast of the lamb (the return of Christ ) weddings and marriages are just suppose to be a example of Christs relationship with the Church .. Cuz if you are abiding in Spirit it dosnt matter what your past is.. That's why The creator of the vast universe , creator of time, space , IAM . Died on the cross to redeem us , his bride, even tho we are dirty full of stains and don't deserve his love and redemption ! But we are his bride! His true love! He loves and adores us so much ! 👰🏾 I didn't start of pure .. Haven't since I was 6! Full of lust .. And this is the first year I've been free from lust! Still have to battle but I can't wait for the day I walk down the aisle to my groom who chose to wait on me and who lead me to Christ and who washes me with the word of God daily!! But ultimate.. I can't wait to be reunited with the lamb of God! The ultimate wedding !

Comment 2Cuz virginity is more than the physical .. It's also mental .

Comment 3Cuz it's that's the case no one is PURE! Just cuz you a Virgin.. Don't mean you don't lie, steal, lust, have pride... All that is not pure! So .. We are human.. Not to use that as an excuse to stay in our sin .. But purity is more than just a penis in vagina.. Sorry to be graphic.. But it's letting the Holy Spirt dwell in U.S.. Carrying our cross daily .. Dying to our Desires.. Asking to him daily to expose our evil hearts .. So.. No one is pure ! Only through CHRIST , OUR REDEEMER, do we have the privilege of wearing our White wedding garments (our new life in Christ)

Comment 4: And Lord knows I've done everything under the sun sexually! And I'm not ashamed because my past gives him Glory because he brought me out and uses my testimony to help bring others out!  but NEVER THE LESS Ima get my WHITE DRESS from Kleinfeld in NYC #holla

Comment 5:  And I can't watch everything on TV.. I can't go lay up and watch Netflix .. I can't text at certain time.. Kiss.. That's me. I gotta take steps to keep my sexual purity . I can't even listen to Justin Bieber no more cuz I would be thinking about sexing him.. Lets be real. 

Comment 6: And my definition of 'virgin' use to be "as long as no penis goes in. LETS BE REAL!  AND I THOUGHT I WAS DOING GOD A FAVOR! IM 'pure' cuz it was only fingers and not penis.. LETS BE REAL WITH IT! i was trying to please my FLESH not God, living by my Own Rules! I can laugh know but I was in bondage .. #ButGod ! It use to be 'God, how far is too far . Or what can I do to be still considered a Virgin?' Now it's, "what steps can I do to please Christ and to KEEP my brother from stumbling and to stay away from soul ties and demons!' (Even tho I knew about soul ties and demons then but I didn't care that pretty Ricky had me gone )

Comment 7“Hallelujah!
For the Lord our God
the Almighty reigns.

7 Let us rejoice and exult
and give him the glory,
for the marriage of the Lamb has come,
and his Bride has made herself ready;
8 it was granted her to clothe herself
with fine linen, bright and pure”— revelations 19:7-9

Love you guys, I'm about to go to bed! Thanks for reading and Talk to You soon! Feel free to drop me a comment :)

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