Friday, October 9, 2015

October Deep Conditioning Challenge!

October Deep Conditioning Challenge!

I love challenges! Especially when it comes to HAIR! I'm falling in love with my natural hair like everyday! I received a 'perm' or chemical  relaxer from the ages of 6 to 20! Although I'm not condemning anyone who does this, however, the negative health effects were SO REAL to my body!

Thank God I don't have any terminally-ill diseases right now because those strong chemicals were becoming so detrimental to my scalp...which is a direct link to your body/blood stream/organs..etc.. Also, I have never gotten to see my NATURAL HAIR TEXTURE..EVER! SO I'M LIKE FALLING IN LOVE!

So, I want to have optimum health for my hair! 


Love this stuff! And I didn't get the mask because this was cheaper! 
Challenge Goal: To Deep Condition your Hair 2X a Week for at least an hour!

Clipping things up into sections

Applying product

things are getting pretty steamy! I also like to use PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS ! If your hair is bigger I'd suggest it.

I deep conditioned  while watching this awesome video from Heather Lindsey !

I also did some web design on the blog and I've been deep conditioning for over 4 hours! :) My hair loves it!

* When I was on my relaxed hair journey (google it) in college I use to go to class with a hat on..but underneath I was deep conditioning! 

My hair LOVVESS moisture! I plan on implementing this to my life. The twice a week deep conditions until it becomes a habit! And worse case, if I don't get 2 in a week at least I can get one! 

But please, this is what works for MY hair. If your hair feels OVERLY moisturized..then lower it down to once a week :) 

I desire my hair to THRRIIVE! Get healthy and grow! I love long hair! But not to idolize it! Sometimes that's easy to do because I can spend hours watching hair videos! It God took away all mt hair today would I still be content? Would I still serve him? Would I still worship him? You might think that I'm going tooo deep, but Idolatry happens easier than you think. I always have to check myself.

But..I will check back in the first week of November, (God willing)! Keep me posted and let me know if you are joining the challenge!

Have a Happy Friday you guys! 

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