Monday, November 9, 2015

It's About The Gospel...Period..

Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in my image. Caught up in making sure my blog looks nice, caught up in making sure my google adsense account is in good standing, caught up in thinking about how people have a confused reaction when I tell them I'm a 'Christian blogger' full time. Caught up in worrying about my future..caught up in how I am going to start making a considerable income...

but throughout all that...I have been called to preach the RICH UNCOMPROMISING GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.

it's not about MY image.
it's not about HOW I'm going to get enough money to pay of student loans.
it's not about IF MY blog is google adsense worthy.
it's not about do I seem cool enough for churches to book me to speak?

That's all irrelevant.

at the end of the goal is to preach the uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ! point blank period.

It's not about My Image because: I have been crucified with Christ. Yes, I am still Stacie Cherill Dickson but I live as a vessel for Christ now. I don't have an image, my image is Christ.

It's not about How I'm going to get enough money to pay of students loans because: The same God who gave me $60,000 in FREE MONEY supernaturally  through grants and scholarships to fund my education is the same God who will give me the provision supernaturally to pay off my $19,000 in loans. 

It's not about if my blog is adsense worthy: I will not be subjected to please Google. I please God. No matter the cost. Even if my blog ever gets shutdown because I'm preaching the gospel..I know that God will send me another means to preach through my writing.. even if I don't get google adsense checks, that's okay, cuz God has never forsaken me financially in all of my 21 years.  He will provide ALL my needs according to his riches and glory! He just needs my FAITH and Obedience and he wants me to fully trust in him. 

It's not about if I seem cool enough for churches to book me? : I love to speak, but I know I am mainly called to speak to the one's the world has outcasted (even the one's the CHURCH has considered unworthy of God's love) I don't need a stage to preach the gospel, if you need a stage then you aren't a true preacher of the are a performer. I love to minister to the homeless, the one's that are down and out and make them feel like Gold. I know God will lead me where he wants me to go and if I'm worried about being cool or not, then I need to go on American Idol or something.

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