Thursday, November 12, 2015

Join Me at 12pm Herman Park in Houston Tomorrow! ( 11/12//15)

I'm so excited for tomorrow! If you can't join us tomorrow, and by 'us' my mom and I will be at Herman Park in Houston, by the Houston Zoo and Medical Center, passing out sandwiches to the homeless and showing them the love of Christ at 12pm! Most likely we will be out there for about an hour! We plan on going to McDonald's and getting 50 dollar burgers and I will be getting water bottles as well! I also plan on passing out cards with Bible verses on them as encouragement! 

I love Herman Park, it's a pretty awesome place in Houston! I went to the zoo with my mom and nephew this summer after I came back from Argentina and I saw a big community of homeless people, and they might not even be homeless, some people just like to hang out you know? But I was spending all this money at the zoo, and nothing is wrong with that, and this idea didn't come out of emotions or me feeling 'pity' but I truly heard the voice of God telling me, you need to go out to these people!

I had a heart for them, I remember we were riding on the train the zoo has and we passed by them! I'm so grateful Herman Park has bathrooms, water faucets, a BBQ pit, lounge chairs, a gazebo so people, especially those who may not have anywhere to go to hang out!

I know this is last minute, but if you feel compelled to give, donate clothes, jackets, blankets or anything, or even water bottles, you can meet me! Just send me a text or call at 979 6665 3858!

Be in prayer that God will get all the glory and that the love of Christ will be shown! It's not really about feeding them burgers, it's using that as a tool to show the love of Christ! Also, please be lead by the Spirit of God and always heed his voice!

I know I God has given me the spiritual gift of giving, and although ALL Christians are called to give and think to others above ourselves, I know mine is defiantly one of my spiritual gifts. And I was thinking, wow, I would LOVE to come and show them Christ's love. And just because someone is homeless does not mean they do not have Christ's love, cuz sometimes the most POOREST OF THEM ARE THE MOST RICH IN SPIRIT. But what I will do is to show them a blessing as a vessel of Christ in send encouragement.

But as you know, Satan comes to steal kill and destroy and absolutely hates when you are about the things of God, he hates that and he will send demonic attacks to stop the work that God has put before you to do. But in the Name of Jesus, we bind his attacks right now! And even when he tries to kill the word from our heart and keep us from pressing on, or sends attacks to us through people, that we will press on and know that This is defiantly the will of God because satan is fighting us so hard!

We must have the full armor of God on at all times, especially doing outreach ministries, because their are all sorts of demons out there, in people as well, that hate the Christ in you, but must be delivered and need your testimony and your love of Christ and your prayer.

I claim in Jesus name that seeds will be planted tomorrow and chains will be broken off in the name of Jesus. We must also continue to pray for our brothers around the world who are rebuking demons out of people,  getting spiritually attacked, going against governments, risking imprisonment, risking DEATH all just to love on people and show them Christ.

That's the kind of boldness and faith I want. Because it's me who no longer lives but Christ!

Galatians 2:20
I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Love you guys,

I will keep you updated! :)

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