Friday, November 6, 2015

"Who's Got The Power?!"- An Interview with I Am Justified

I am truly inspired by I Am Justified, a Houston based rapper who is on fire for Christ and lives to encourage and inspire a generation! I met him for the first time at a church performance and I was in awe at how he truly connected and spoke and showed love to every single one of us during his concert by his passion and the power of his lyrics and the energy that he gave! He also preached messages of hope to us that was so Holy Spirit led! It is my honor to bring you guys this interview, with the one and only, I Am Justified!

Meeting Justified for the 1st time at a youth rally my bestie Dana invited me to last summer

StacieCherill: When did your passion for Christ began ?

I Am Justified: My passion for Christ was always there since a youngster but it didn't really manifest to me until I got in my 20's after so very tough trails in my life those dark times lead me to Christ.

StacieCherill.: When did you decide to use your passion for music and your love for Christ to become Iam Justified ?

I Am Justified: It happened after battling mental depression I battled it for a total of about four years in and out of psych wards contemplating suicide until I got to the last moment about to give up on all life, but God seen different by having one of my close friend reach me where I was and share the love of GOD that was found through Christ.    

StacieCherill:How do you stay so humble ? Those in ministry can get big headed and forget that are just a vessel for Christ being used for his glory!i was introduced to you and  saw you perform for the first time at a little church in the country, around my hometown. There was nothing but cows around that area and one stoplight and small gas station 5 minutes away. I was astonished how you performed for us as if you were performing at Madison Square Gardens or the Grammy's! Where do you get this humble drive from? Wow I appreciate that I daily have to remind myself that when we are faithful in the small things God will make us ruler over many so I hold my Heavenly Father to what he said., I also enjoy doing music and ministry its my passion so to get people to support me and bring me to their city big or small it is a great honor! 

I Am Justified: I notice that even wow thank you, I honestly believe that humility is a gift that God gave me I notice a good amount of people tell me that and its not something I try to do its just who I am genuinely. I remember in high school I tried to be cocky like a lot of the athletes but I remember it like yesterday how it made me feel to look down on people and it didn't feel good at all to me it actually made me feel worse so ever since then I just remained who God made me to be. :)

StacieCherill:  I see that you are all about empowering, encouraging and uplifting the youth. Who did you have uplifting you as a young man and why do you strive so hard to be a light in the dark for youth, especially disadvantaged youth or the ones society cast away?

I AmJustified: My Grandmother brought me to Christ, My mom motivated me to be great and live life with purpose, & my grandpa taught me how to work hard for anything that I wanted & in time I just evolved to become what they had been pouring in me since I was a lil knuckle head lol! I believe those people are the ones Jesus would have been reaching and impacting, I never been the type to want to roll with extremely religious judgmental people & I imagine I am the voice for the less fortunate or people that are overlooked by society because I too was overlooked throughout my life but when I found GOD he made my name great he lead people to now notice what he did inside of me. .So I believe the best way to reach this generation is walking right beside them and reaching them right where they are. 

StacieCherill:What can listeners expect hear and be excited about on your new album 'Power'?

I AmJustified: They can hear truth & feel power when they listen to it. I get people saying that when they hear my album they get the chills over their bodies. I get parents saying how their little ones wont let them get in the car with out popping the power cd in.. so it has been blessing families & individuals tremendously.

The 'Power' album cover
StacieCherill:  Any closing remarks ?

I Am Justified: I would just like to thank you for being obedient to the  Holy spirit and doing this interview with me as well all the people that took the time to read this article I am very grateful. I believe God is using me in the season to show people that with him we really can do anything, all we need is him literally and he can open doors all over the place and send people to put us in position for our blessings! 
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It was an honor and a absolute privilege to interview you! Thank you for using your talent for Christ and being an humble yet bold solider and servant for the Lord! You inspire us all to be game changers! Let Iam Justified know just how much you loved this interview! Hit him up and let him know how you are being a 'game changer for Christ' in your life! 


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