Monday, March 21, 2016

A Moment with Makeel

"I met Makeel in Austin in 2015, and was blessed by his testimony, creativity, and his walk and stand for God. I wanted to feature him on the blog. This interview is from October 2015, so come and join us."- Stacie Cherill

Well the way I perceive life or action is all due to what God allows you to overcome by his Grace, compassion & love by his strength teamed with his power to help you accomplish the impossible according to man's definition because NOTHING is really impossible with or for God and being made in his image NOTHING is or should be impossible for you rather the gender being male or female or relationship being a son or daughter of God, Allah, , Jehovah, etc, (God has many different names one of which also includes I AM, meaning from my perspective that God AM or is anything you need God to be, which means he has many different incarnations, rather it be through your spouse, dog, house, clothes, money etc not meaning to love these things like you do God in Spirit form but you must
remember that God gave all that's needed to create all these things therefore it's him manifesting himself to clothe us with clothes, love us through our spouse, real friend, child etc, cover us by way of a house or simply manifesting through money in order for us to manifest him in all that we desire, need, want, whatever . It's even deep to the point that only he can give you the ability to put anything into action much more even allow you to move, breath, live, love, laugh or any other thing of such. God is The Most High and powerful God period, it's no ifs, ands or buts about it. He's sovereign meaning He's or shall we say the Spirit of God because God is individually not only female or male but both combined completes who God really is, both combined has the ability to show his true power. 
Therefore questioning then through questioning you understand then believe that God is I AM, you automatically begin to realize that making him your Head and center of your life, enables to you overcome all, also reaching as far as God has designed you to reach, desire, dream according to the measure of life he has given you to life, influence, change, lead, etcetera. 

My main future goal of life is to obtain directions, plans, a pure heart and all that's required for me to reach all that I was intended to reach according to what I have been given to obtain through Christ Jesus, my Lord and Savior. I also would like to have a beautiful family, with a lot of children then by God's help equip them to out do and become all that they are created to be including my wife. Love is the only way.

Your past only helps you to reach the present and not mess up your future by living, loving, loving, loving unconditionally with wisdom being open minded and hearted to allow yourself to receive all God has for you. Forgive but don't put yourself back with the person or people that doesn't have your best interest at heart, you have to move on and shine your light to glorify your heavenly father then in the process to will allow your past to help their present which will help them to not mess up their futures, you came in this world by yourself and by yourself you leave but it's GREAT to find the people God created to be effectively permanent in your life according to his purpose until it's time for you to leave this earth by yourself, even if you die with someone, you both still have to face THE JUDGE by yourselfs. 

May God see you and bless you to be you in truth, honesty, holiness and love but not perfect because life is a journey in which I know we will obtain perfection in the end. Love God.

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