Thursday, April 7, 2016


So, recently I opened up publicly for the first time about my 'deepest secret' per say. I used to want to kill myself because of it (lies of the enemy, demonic attack) I thought I would never get married, or have to hide it from my husband because who would ever want to accept me if they knew my true past. (BUT EVEN IF NOBODY DIDN'T, GOD ALMIGHTY DECLARED ME WORTHY& TRULY THAT'S ALL WHO MATTERS) I felt shamed.. I put that secret in the hidden vaults of my heart, trying to throw away the key but it still haunted and tortured me, the warfare in my mind.. I still felt like I was living a life of an impostor because I wanted people to know ALL OF ME. To accept me or even if they didn't accept me, I wanted them to know my past, because it is apart of me, it shaped my whole life.

But what was once used as an area of shame...God has now gave me the boldness to share my whole testimony.. it's been a journey. but I am so excited because I KNOW IM NOT THE ONLY ONE...PEOPLE ARE SHOCKED WHEN THEY HERE SOME OF MY STORY.. "..YOU WERE ADDICTED TO PORN...YOU?" As if a cute girl who smiles all the time and has a UT degree can't do anything as perverted as that... SIKEEEE!

So forget the's a journey allow God to pull you out of shame and into his marvelous light!!!

I recently opened up about my sexual past...well how my childhood was warped with demonic sexual activity that I was so certain had messed up my life...but I know that's the area God is going to get most the glory out of in my life.

but Christ gave me beauty for ashes and What satan tried to use to put me in SHAME...GOD IS USING IT FOR HIS GLORY..

On this post  (click it if you wanna know about this 'past' I'm talking about) I had a beautiful sister in Christ named Krystle I met in March at the 48 hours of prayer  Christ post a comment that was so encouraging...I'm going to share it now.. let it encourage you as much as it encouraged me.

"Glory to God for such a beautiful testimony. 2 Timothy 1:8v. states, So do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord or of me his prisoner. Rather, join with me in suffering for the gospel, by the power of God. 

Keys words, "do not be ashamed of your testimony". God is going to honor you for this lil sis. When you decided not to be ashame of what God did for you. You are actually helping another person be release from the same demonic strongholds or worst. 

When you release the truth about your past hurts & struggles you shame the devil/adversary with all his adversities/lies. You won Stacie, You won because Christ in you Won first on the cross. Love you dearly and keep on going for every time you shame the devil you win a soul for Christ. #WhoopWhoop" --Prophetess Krystle Janai Turner

#March15th2016Tuesday #TurntUpForJesusTuesday

****Thank you so much Krystle for this, you're awesome... 

For Real, she is awesome... Check out Krystle's Youtube Channel

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