Monday, January 23, 2017

TRUE LOVE......................................................WAITS

Sitting in the hospital room, uncomfortable and cold and not liking the vending machine food, but your friend, almost skeletal from the weight loss from the evil spirit of cancer eating away at his flesh...The love of Christ in you beaming toward him fills him up with love. Your best friend does not have the strength to talk, but the joy in his eyes and the smile on his face tells it all. What a wonderful sleep over this has become....TRUE LOVE............WAITS

They are contemplating suicide, they want to end it all. This cycle wants to eat you alive, to destroy you. But you rely on the strength of The Lord. It's not about you, The Holy Spirit reminds you. He needs me right now. It's 2 o’clock in the morning, you have a very important final in your Chemistry class at 8, but you know studying can wait. You can retake Chemistry next semester need be, pay the extra money, whatever...but your friend's soul can't return when it's gone.You stay on the phone as long as you need to....TRUE LOVE...............WAITS

Rebecca does not like tuna fish. Actually, she wants to eat a plant based diet, she actually would really prefer to eat all organic. Like she used to. Whole Foods Market was her favorite store. So needless to say, canned tuna fish from the dollar store wasn't something she really liked eating. But she would not tell her mom and dad that. She eats that tuna fish with a grateful heart. Not fake gratitude, but God put a sincere gratitude in her heart. After her dad's car company went out of business, financial means dropped drastically. From semi-annuall family trips; from surfing in Hawaii to Louis Vuitton sprees in Paris, ending with dinner at the Eiffel Tower. But those days were gone, and pity was no longer an option..they needed her love, her support. She knew her parents wanted to give her the best life, and they felt they let her down. “Mom and Dad, thank you so much for dinner. I truly love y’all and I'm so grateful and honored to be your daughter. I wanted to know if after dinner if you guys wanted to go take a walk in the park in look at the stars.” The relief and pure gratitude and joy in her parents once dimmed eyes gave her the 'Yes'. TRUE LOVE................................WAITS

How could he do this? We made vows!! Am I not pretty enough? Sobs of deep despair mourned Jessica. God what do I do? Her husband revealed to her that he cheated on her with his co-worker....2 and a half years ago that is.. It's still so hard to forgive him Lord. I see the change in him.. He's so good to me. I know he truly loves me. I know Brad would die for me if need be. But I'm still so hurt..I'm tempted to get back at him at.... cheat, but I would never want to hurt him. Why do I feel like this. Lord I don't wanna leave my marriage. Help me to Love him and trust You again....................TRUE LOVE....................WAITS.

Rumors and ridicule were swirling everywhere. The college campus was teeming with snide remarks, Peggy had become the newest victim of a hateful MEME on Instagram that had went viral. Peggy felt so low. Lower than low. She didn't know how she was going to finish this semester? She wanted to transfer schools. She stayed locked in her dorm, crying all day and sleeping, taking swigs of liquor to sedate the pain temporarily, even though demons of depression attacked her more after the alcohol left her system. She heard a knock at the door. “Peggy! It's Rachel! Let me in!” KNOCK KNOCK. Peggy did not want company. Even though she loved Rachel. KNOCK KNOCK. Peggy ignored Rachel at the door. The knocking silenced and Peggy breathed a sigh of relief. She had grown to like the pain of loneliness and hiding. Now, 12:30 am, 4 hours later, the night had fallen and it was now Peggy's time to make her move to get food at the Wal-Mart a couple miles from campus. She had grown nocturnal these past few days. As she stepped out of the door, she saw Rachel asleep on the floor, with a box of pizza. She never left. TRUE LOVE...........WAITS

Red carpet events, mobs of paparazzi, NBA championship games, and a beautiful new marriage....all that had faded fast, all except the 'beautiful marriage' part. Although it was so hard for Nissi to be the caretaker of her once 'strong' NBA player husband, whom she loved so dearly, she now saw Adrian's strength in a new light. She saw her husband's true strength. His new faith in God and how he never gave up. Nissi was determined to show her now wheel-chaired husband that she still loved and respected him. She wanted to show him he was so wonderful still in her eyes. That she only had eyes for him and God. Showering him, helping him go to the bathroom had hurt his esteem, he did not like having his wife do those things for him .He was grateful, but this is my wife, he thought. We just were in Hawaii celebrating our one year jet skiing and flying to press events and book signings. Now this? Adrian didn't get out much anymore, satan had lied to him that he was a failure, to his family, to God, and to his dear wife whom he loved with all his heart. He wanted to be the man of God he vowed to be to her. To protect and provide for her. He didn't know how he could do that in his new condition. Let her love you. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You are that man of God. A wheelchair dosn't negate that, in fact, this wheelchair has let you know that you truly need me to be the man I created you to be, not to depend on your success. Humble yourself, accept Nissi's love. Accept my love for you. Astonished and convicted, but a new found hope rose up in him. Nissi was walking in the kitchen with his breakfast, toast and grits, which he enjoyed. Nissi had been crying, she missed her husband. Not his physical ability, but him. But she didn't let Adrian see that. He already is going through so much she thought. She poured out her heart to God in her prayer closet when Adrian was working with the physical therapist in their home gym. She asked God to give her pure smile for her husband in her heart seconds before she walked in the room with his breakfast. Adrian grabbed the plate, set it on the table beside the bed, and grabbed his wife, sat her on his lap and kissed her passionately. TRUE LOVE........WAITS

This was the 5th house Whitney passed by. She knew her dad had to be in one of these broken down 'crack houses.' It was 2 am, a school night, but Whitney was determined to find her dad, and bring him back home. TRUEE....LOVE.......WAITS.

As I look throughout the journey of my life, all the sin, all the brokenness, all my rebellion, Jesus never once stopped pursing me. He was so faithful and true to me. He waited on me and never left. He also gave me an amazing man in my life, that waits on me, that never threatens to leave me. But who is constant and faithful, even when he is hurt by me. Jesus fought for me and stayed true to me even when my sin hurt him. But he thought I was worth the wait. Because....TRUE...LOVE....WAITS.

If you love someone you will be loyal to NO MATTER WHAT THE COST. You will always believe him, always expect the best of him, and always stand your grand in defending him.” - 1 Corinthians 13:7

God bestowed that love to us, so we must return it to the dear ones in our life.

No greater love have one than lay down his life for his friend's.

Jesus, with your power, bestow onto me and the readers theses things:

1.) May we give up our comfort to make the ones we love comfortable and safe
2.) May we sacrifice our life, so their soul can be saved
3.) May we fight the spirit of shame and stand boldly and defend the truth, the ones we love, may we be so honored to be with them, and be honored to be seen with them. May we be unashamed of them and unashamed of you Jesus.
4.) May we not hold grudges, may we forgive easily, may we think only good and lovely things for them. May we always trust that they are never out to intentionality hurt us. May we trust them as we trust You
5.) May we always honor and respect our husbands and future husbands as the Men of God they are. Whether they are walking as men of God now or we are believing by faith. May we submit and serve them and encourage them. No matter the money they make, or what they go through in life. May our love and honor be constant
6.) May our love for them never give up. May our love for our loved ones be constant and relentless. May our love for you be relentless.
7.) May we never forget your faithfulness. Give us sincere gratitude Lord.

Thank you Jesus for that great Love. And may we daily walk in that Love. In Jesus's Holy and Precious Name.
I Thank you for reading and letting The Father draw you here. Thank you Abba for giving me this word and choosing me as the humble servant to bestow this word to your dear ones. Thank you for teaching me how to Abide and give your PURE LOVE. May the readers chose that love. Equip us Lord and flow through us. Thank you for your faithfulness Lord. Great is your faithfulness. Lord unto me. Lord unto us. Lord unto my family. Thank you for never giving up on me. May my talent not be glorified but you be glorified through my talent of writing you gifted me. Cover this message with your Holy Precious blood and cover with your Blood. I bind every demonic hindrances and easedropper spirits on the airwaves trying to block this message from getting to your people. Prepare the hearts of your readers Lord, and may you mold us daily to have the true sacrificial love that you gave to us. Fill our marriages with this love, the way we treat our families, and friends Lord. You be glorified in us. We destroy every yoke of bondage that wants to hinder the readers in Jesus's Holy and Mighty Name. Lord keep me lowly and meek and humble Lord, and consistent to do the work you commissioned me to do. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and May blind eyes be open Lord, and spiritually deaf ears hear. Lord we thank you for dying on the cross for our sins. That perfect sacrifice and great sacrifice of the entire existence, to send your perfect Son to die for us. Thank you Jesus for Choosing to lay down your life for us. The King of The Universe, you had every choice not to, but you chose to freely lay down your life because you loved us loved me, and found us worthy. Lord I pray for my father, Prophet Arnold Dickson, cover him in your blood Lord, strengthen his gift Lord and keep him protected, encouraged in covered in this walk in holiness. Cover Last Call Ministries with your blood and take it where you want it to go, it's your ministry. Lord thank you for my mother, Naomi Dickson, increase her stand for you Lord, thank you for healing her body, and thank you for her faithfulness to my father, to Last Call Ministries and to You. Be unto me that faithfulness. The faithfulness of the King. We love you Lord. Touch each and every reader Lord and thank you for their lives. May I never be focused on the view count Lord, but may I be focused on the one sheep that needs to be fed and Pleasing You and You alone. I love you Lord. Keep me grateful Lord. Equip the Body of Christ to do what we were called to do today for your Kingdom. May we be about Your Kingdom. Cover our persecution brothers and sisters around the world. Send provision. May we encourage and edify one another in Christ Jesus our Lord. In Jesus's Wonderful Name, Amen!

Love your daughter,
Stacie Cherill Dickson

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