Tuesday, March 21, 2017


My Mom in I in Herman Park feeding The Homeless. Such beautiful beautiful memories. I'm so
blessed to have a Mother I can Work for The Kingdom with On Earth and spend Eternity with in
Jesus's Perfect Love. 

My Momma Carrying Food For Our Homeless Brothers & Sisters

I just wanted to Praise Jesus Christ that my mother had a successful hand surgery! Praise Jesus for healing her carpel tunnel and Dr. Day for performing the surgery. I'd like to thank my Father, Prophet Dickson, my Daddy, for taking my Momma, and caring for her and being so patient with my mother, and for Pastor Hill, for supporting my Father. 
My mom is such a beautiful woman, Christ made her so beautiful and I was elated to hear her voice after Roland encouraged me to call and check on her. (Thank you so much Roland you are so compassionate and I trust your leadership greatly, Thank you Jesus for gifting me Roland)  I love her so much and it is an honor to serve my mother.

Growing up, I was a highly demonized child, and my mother was my target. I was so broken and so mean to her. But it took a job my mother took when I was in junior high, and through serving my mom on that job, The Lord broke me in the most beautiful way and gave me a true love for my mother that lavished her in such beautiful love.

I would decorate the kitchen for her birthday and surprise her, as I got more money each year I was able to take her out to eat, to get her makeup done, and a hotel surprise last year and this year. God is SO FAITHFUL and I'm so glad that I didn't follow my own path this season, and be a runaway bride.

I would have missed such a beautiful season to serve my mom this season in her time of need.

The times going to the doctor have been trying, it's been hard to see my mother in pain because I always saw her as invincible, I would seflishlessy lay all my needs on her and only saw her cry once, because I made her cry that time. She was always so 'strong', in the since I never saw her weakness. She covered that to protect me.

My mother truly thinks of me before herself, I asked her how she was feeling after her surgery and she replied that she was dizzy, but she was asking me was I okay, If I needed any money, if I had food. SOO BEAUTIFUL. Just how the Father's heart is constantly for us, even when He is in pain. He puts His will aside for us! My mom truly lays down her life for me, for her husband and her family and the little sheep that Abba draws to her that she ministers to.

I'm so grateful to have a mother that pushes me closer to Christ and loves me in Christ. Thank you so much Abba for my mother. No other woman could have been my mother. She is perfect for me and you created us for each other. The love she pours out to Roland is so immensely beautiful to me, because when you love and support Roland, you love and support me. 

But it's so beautiful to see that she's human and in this season I can serve her and love her fully.
It's so beautiful that shes's so concerned about me and she loves me so much, even during her doctor appointments, even in her physical pain. 

I honor my mother so much, and The Joy of The Lord has been her constant sustainer. She worships the Lord DAY AND NIGHT. She has a passionate hunger for The Lord and I am so honored to have her as my mother. She seeks after The Father with every fiber of his being.

Yesterday, when we were driving through The Houston Medical Center, on the way to her doctor's appointments, she stopped and prayed for and a paraphrase, "each and every man and woman in the hospitals, that God would touch their bodies and their lives. " And she meant it with her soul. In her time of pain, she's interceding for the sick, interceding for the nation, interceding for her family. Absolutely astonishing! A true Christ follower she is ! I even catch glimpses of her to-do lists and she has a times allotted where she goes back into her prayer closet to pray for the sick. And she has names of the sick that she prays for.

My mother and I since, March 2016 until now, have had beautiful times together as I got to serve her by accompanying my mother to her doctor's appointments. I've learned so much about my mother as she reveals her dreams, past, testimonies to me, it's like Abba is unveiling such a beautiful present to me.

We laugh, my selfishness is exposed, we eat, we persevere, we worship in the car, we listen to sermons, she pours out The Gospel to me. My mother never complains, sometimes, well, a lot of times I forget she is in pain because The Joy of the Lord is all over her and she is Just SO joyous!!! 

My mother is absolutely  beautiful on the outside she glows of Jesus, and on the inside she radiates his heart. I love her so much. I'm so grateful to walk in the guidance of her footprints and that I look like her and even share the same aspirations as her : )   
And I'm absolutely  honored, grateful and privileged that I am her daughter. 
Such a beautiful woman of God she is, and I am grateful that, Naomi Dickson is my mother. 

"[Naomi Dickson, My Mother] Is Worth Far More Than Rubies." Proverbs 31:10 

Genuinely Abba, 
I am so grateful that you gave me such a beautiful woman to be my mother. That you gave me another chance to just soak her in love and be soaked in her love. I stand in awe of You. You amaze me Lord. That you care about my heart so much, you know just what I need and my obdience blesses so many other people; an overflow. Thank you so much for this season, this beautiful, beautiful season with My Mother. I LOVE YOU ABBA! THANK YOU JESUS! THANK YOU JESUS! THANK YOU JESUS!

Stacie Cherill Dickson 

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