Saturday, May 13, 2017

"The Way"- POWERFUL WORD BY HIGHLY ANOINTED MAN OF GOD Prophet Arnold Dickson- Last Call Ministries

It is such an absolute honor and privilege that God chose me for such a time as this to record for My parent's promised ministry, 'Last Call Ministries.' There is no place I'd rather be in this season.
Enjoy this worship, this fellowship, this Word by My Beautiful Father, Prophet Arnold Dickson ,who I highly honor and esteem. And as My mom lead us and encouraged us in worship, Teacher Naomi Dickson.
My parent's so beautifully open up their home for The Gospel, they sacrifice so much and truly give their all so the flock can be fed, spiritually and their bodies can be fed as well. They pour out their time, finances, their home and their hearts and prayers. I am a first hand witness to this and I'm so incredibility honored. I will be honored forever.
In Jesus's Precious Mighty and Holy Name, Amen.
May those watching feel the transferring of anointing and may the feel the love as if they were right with us in our living room.
Thank you so much Abba!!
Your Princess,
Stacie Cherill Dickson
Sunday, April 30th 2017
at The Dickson Home (which I love and adore so much, A Home of much Worship and Peace and Healing. There is Healing in This House)
Mailing Address: PO BOX 1171 Brazoria, TX 77422
24 HOUR PRAYER LINE with Prophet Arnold Dickson- 979-216-8868

Thank you for watching and your support!
May Jesus be Your Joy Today!!

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