Friday, June 23, 2017

There You Were.

When I'm feeling cold and lonely
and there's no one else to hold me. You are there.
You make your appearance so known,
in my Mother's beautiful smile, Ellie's cheerful licks on me, Roland's faithful love, My Daddy's singing melodies in the morning, Albert giving me his fries...
Pastor Hill's huge jar of surprises animal crackers for me
Nanny's commitment and our Hawaii trip
Our friends of Last Call Ministries
so many beautiful ways you make yourself known to me that I am loved.
Sam & Cat episodes when I wanted fun,
beach dates when you let the waves gleefully topple over me
gummy bears :)
our patio dates
you love me so much
'worthy is the Lamb' morning dances with You.

God fill me Up
I don't wanna miss none of your appearances.

Forever Yours,

I Hearkened and heard... -Abba
Jeremiah 8:6

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