Saturday, August 5, 2017

Like Nothing Was Lost...

I'm so in awe
i wanna proclaim your goodness
Roland and I 
got to see my first movie premier
thank you so much for that opportunity
bless Matt Skinner 
Lord Trey was there
my Momma and Daddy
My Daddy said he almost cried seeing my name on the credits
I'm so grateful
but this is not about me
It's all about you
How you bring and mend and heal tattered relationships
a love i didn't get growing up
in human form
I get an overflow now
I'm so in awe
and how you were constantly my Abba
even when I was a little girl and didn't know it
and how You were even Abba to my Daddy
amidst his brokenness
that makes me so happy
so absolutely full of joy
better than I can ever have dreamed 
you orchestrated my life for me
amidst your love
now my Momma and Daddy 
are off to Trey's Game
Trey get's His Poppa
Daddy gets to love a little boy 
something he missed with my brothers
now it's restored
like nothing was missing
and you know what
all these pictures
times with Trey 
is just so beautiful
the fact that 
we went through all that
makes those special memories 
even more special.
Oh How I love You.
My mindblowingly Amazing God.

"Unto Him be Glory in the Church [In The Dickson Family & The McCormick Family] by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen. 

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