Saturday, September 9, 2017

Ima Slave 4 U...

I used to study britney...
2001 VMA Choreography, I knew that
Onyx Hotel Tour,
Got it,
I was warped into this midfield of lustful adoration
2000 VMA performance,
I would rewatch and rewatch
Britney in Hawaii? Oh I'm on that!
German car commercials everything,

As I was dancing and singing I'm a slave 4 You
I was singing curses upon myself
becoming initiated into satan's kingdom at a young age
a pawn for his pleasure
trapped into the illimnuati puppet's spell.
 (who was in turmoil being prostituted for her talents as well)

I adored britney
lusted her
fantasy was the only perfume i wore for years
truly a witchcraft potion
why was i so lustful
why did I quote 'i got that boom boom'
at 11?
I wanted men to lust me
so I knew cheerleading would be the closes form of that.

I always had a passion to be a musical performer even as a young age
but satan takes are God given talents and twists them
Thank God I didn't sell my soul and go down that road,
pray for them,
Thank God he kept me.

My Body is a Temple
'A Slave 4 You'
"By Standing firm you will gain life." Luke 21:19

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