Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Wife I Wanna be To Roland...


So this morning my Momma and I went to Lake Jackson to wash clothes and get some things! I love being with my mom. This time is so special that I have with her, I know seasons change and I will not always live with her, but I will forever cherish these moments and not take them for granted...

At The washateria, the lady that works there was telling us how she got a new suv! She was so happy ! She would ride her bike to work, with her grandchildren sometimes, rain or shine! Wow! I love it when God blesses the little ones.. We rejoiced for her! My beautiful Mother is believing God for a car, and it is so beautiful how she is celebrating with her. We must rejoice with those who rejoice, so no root of bitterness comes in. We are all abundantly blessed!

Also, my Mom is standing on faith in her healing, still trusting and believing God, and this was a beautiful season I got to serve her with her doctor's appointments, but she was having head pain today. Yet, she was still serving me, still enjoying me, still pressing on, concerned about getting water for her family. I love her so much.. Completely selfLESS. She is an amazing wife and mother... I want to be for Roland like My mom was for my dad. Steadfast and unmovable, faithful. Believing and standing on this promises of God.

So today, I was in the dollar tree again ,to exchange a gift bag I got for Roland's gift (Which they gave me the photo for FREE! GOD IS AWESOME! I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO HAVE TO SPEND ALMOST $30  ON A FAT HEAD BEFORE BUT HE SENT ME TO OFFICE DEPOT AND THEY GAVE IT TO ME FOR FREE! FAVOR : D  )

There was this little lady (white) who paid for these 2 black ladies supplies in at check out. Over $27. They were so grateful. The ladies were effected by the storm, and certain things were to clean up their house.

it was beautiful.

When they left and I was leaving, I told her "Mam, that was so kind, and Christ-like" (paraphrase)
and she said,

"It's not much, but I want to do all I can to help out. I've been a widow for so long"

it was so beautiful, she had a heart pin inches from her heart with a photo of her husband and her (she had  pretty blonde hair) in their younger days.

I have never seen that. I could tell she wears that daily.

I asked who it was, (i knew it was them, Jesus revealed it to me,  but the Holy Spirit told me to engage in conversation about her husband, that would warm her heart)and she told me it was her husband. Told me she married her best friend, and that she reccomends it.

I told her Roland was my best friend.

That faithfulness, she has, honoring her husband's legacy even at a dollar tree.
How many of yall are married and ignore your husbands who are alive?

That little lady would love to see her husband on earth again.

I chose to honor Roland daily, just like that woman.
it was absolutely beautiful.
and when I honor Roland, now and when we are married,
that is showing the Love of Christ.
That is loving Jesus.
Because when we love the husband God gives to us, we are loving Christ.

It made me more grateful.
I have a heart for widows, espcially older ones, but Jesus commands us to care for widows.
He does :)

and I am going to show you how Abba tied this present up so beautifully,

hours before this happend, as my Mom was driving, this is the scripture I read in the car out loud;

"He said, "This poor widow has put in more than all the others. All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on."- Luke 21:3-4

God is so faithful!!! SO AWESOME!
Go love on a widow today.
Love the man or woman God has put in your life today
love your parents
cherish your dear ones
family is a gift from God!!

Thank you for reading!
Stacie Cherill Dickson! 

& Thank you Abba for orchestrating my steps today and allowing me to see this! 

You are beautiful!

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