Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Royal Wives Club: Met Me Out

“And I will come near you to Judgment;...” Malachi 3:5

Being a wife is one of the greatest tools God uses to sanctify us. Loving someone unconditionally and submitting to them takes strength. A strength only God can give us. We must allow God to clean us up and purge us, to let him show us our nasty side. Only then can we be cleansed.


You are beautiful and I adore you. Please cleanse me. Make me into the clean-hearted and pure wife you have ordained for me to be. May I give justice to the helpless and may I always fight for my husband above all others. Give me a righteous heart that is always willing to please you, whatever it takes. May I long to please my husband. May my heart of justice draw my husband like a magnet to me. May he always be satisfied in my heart of pureness and may he know that It is My Maker who gave it to me.

In Jesus's name I pray,

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