Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Royal Wives Club: Breathe Life

We are called to breathe life into our husbands. We can't breathe this life on them without The Holy Spirit. As he pours into us , he can pour into our husbands. A life of serving them, loving them, honoring them as the 'lord' of our lives--a commandment given to us from The Lord of Lords.

This outpouring of thanksgiving will transform every part of our lives. We will be a life giving garden birthing out the fruit of the spirit.
how perfect is this?


Dear Abba,
You are so awesome and pure. Lord, let our lives be life giving springs of water to our husbands. When they are thirsty, may they come to us and drink. May our husbands trust in the direction that you are leading them to drink from our well only. Lord, fill us up with the Water of the Word.
Give us that water that never runs dry so we can be a perpetual life spring. 
In your name we pray,

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