Friday, June 1, 2018

Royal Wives Club: Confidence

Trusting in our husband's love for us is a must. They could give us all the love in the world, but if we let fear, doubt, and unbelief pollute our minds, we won't be able to receive any of it. Do not let satan still your joy, steal your love.

Hold onto your love!

 When you find a special love you need to cherish it.This reflects our relationship with Christ also, we need to be able to accept his love! How many times do we doubt it or think it's going to go away?

We must receive it as it is.


Dear Lord,
You are so holy and true. Lord, may we have confidence in the love that you are giving us through our husbands. May we not doubt or fear that love. May we not self-sabotage. Lord, heal our hearts. May our husbands love us unconditionally like you do. Help us to rest in the love of our husbands, boldly and confidently--no matter what they do. May we trust that you put us with our husbands and never waiver on your plans for us.

We love you so much,
In Jesus's name we pray,

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