Friday, January 18, 2019

'7 rings' | Ariana Grande | Christian Remix

I had fun writing this! I love performing. Thanks for watching! 

Yeah, Breakfast at Tiffany's, God want me shining
He got my tattoo on his heart, yeah that's Abba
Lashes & Diamonds, ATM Machines
I don't need none of that Abba's my King

Been through some sad stuff yeah I should be sad-ish
who would have thought it would turn me so savage
Rather be cuffed up with Abba, that's me
He write my checks cuz I'm on his team

My wrist, they praying, my neck, it's swaying
My hands, they praising, cuz God's amazing
You like my swag, gee thanks, God made it
I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it

I want it, I got it (x4)
You like my hair? gee thanks, God copped it
I see, I like it, I want it, I got it

Wearing a ring cuz I'm his Mrs
I'm gone stay faithful to that Big Commitment
I'd rather have him than be swimming in dough
Son of God therapy my new addiction
Whoever said money can't solve your problems
Must have knew Abba cuz only He can solve em
They say which one, I  say I want Abba
Happiness died on that cross, O I got Him

My smile, it's beaming, my skin, it's gleaming'
The way it shine, I know you see it
I got a crib so big in heaven, Got treasures on deck
nothing better

His W's is unlimited
Take The L & get to quitting'
Abba Card is my business card
He go before me so I ain't trippin
I don't mean to brag
but Abba got it in the bag, when I see those attacks,
I'm not worried He got that
Shoot, go from the church to the booth, make it all back in one loop
Gimme the loot, never mind He got the juice, nothing but net when
we shoot, look at my God, look at the rest
Ain't got no budget when God's in the mix, if I like it then that's
what I get
'thank u, next' 

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