Wednesday, May 15, 2019

WALK UNDEFILED WITH CHRIST (Prophetic Declarations)


I am blessed and undefiled and I am walking in God's way. The Law of The Lord is the very DNA of my body and my soul lives to please Him.  I am blessed and I live an undefiled life in God. I walk in His ways and The Law of The Lord is ever before me. 

I am Blessed because I share the testimonies of Jesus Christ to the world; his testimonies are my favorite thing to live by. The heart of God is mine and from that pure place of love is where I live from. I seek the Lord with my whole heart. The Lord gives me a heart of flesh so I can live in the realm of that everlasting love. My eyes are open to the testimonies of The Lord and I cry out, "GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS!"

The ways of The Lord are ever before me; they are inscribed forever on my heart. I have no iniquity in me because I am washed forever by the precious blood of Jesus and I live to please Him and Him alone. No unclean thing dwells in me, my heart is pure before The Lord. I take your hand Abba and I learn from you and walk in the way you lead me. The joy of The Lord is my strength! 

I obey all the commands of God with a joyful heart and I diligently keep all His precepts. I live to please The Lord and honor all his commandments and I live from a place of joy, happiness and truth because Jesus is my fortress. I seek The Lord with all my heart and the precepts of The Lord are constantly tied around my neck. I hearkened unto The Lord's commandments and I only have tunnel vision for You. I am faithful to Abba and I commune with Him every day.

"Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law of The Lord." Psalms 119:1

*If you are dealing with depression* 

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