Wednesday, August 26, 2015

As I Got Ready for Bed I...

Just had to say thank you. I had to thank God for all his blessings. I don't think I do that enough. Well, I can never say thank you enough to him, you know, he's just so awesome. But I do think I can take for granted the things he has blessed me with. Sometimes I'm always worried about future things/events that I want to happen, that I forget to appreciate the blessings I have in front of me.

Trust me there are millions of people who wish they had just the basic things you have. Ultimately though,  material things can never bring you happiness, never ever. But it doesn't mean you shouldn't be grateful for the material things God has granted you the privilege of having. Also, we need to be grateful for a sound mind, the peace that Christ gives, family, friends...etc..

Well lately, I'm in a big transition in my life. Since I was 4, this is the first time I haven't been going back to school during August. I graduated in May (Hook em Horns) but it's so weird to not be a student because it's all I've known. So, I'm focusing on all the things I need/want now.. (apartment,more money..etc..etc.) But It's so easy to focus on what you think you lack, instead of being grateful for the blessings you have for today. Some people won't eat today, yet I'm upset because my bank account doesn't have a certain amount of zeros.

hmm... and I've eaten several times today..

Someone's in the hospital tonight...some have been there for years...some children won't be going to school today because they are hooked up to tubes tonight, someone's home is getting bombed tonight. Someone is getting abused tonight, someone is contemplating suicide tonight.

Not saying I don't have real problems I deal with...I'm not knocking anyone's problems, but all I'm saying is tonight I will try to put things in perspective.

I always take a bath/shower and just do it. You know, with no thought because I'm in a rush or caught up in my mind. But tonight as I was taking a bath, It  just told God, "Thank you so much for water. A chance to bathe tonight. The chance to have clean drinking water."

How blessed we are. I also want to thank God for the food I have to eat. Sometimes I just breeze through and eat without saying a blessing for my food, or even being grateful for it. Cuz I think I deserve it. You know? Like, duh I'm going to have food. But I need to pour my heart out at least once a day telling God thank you for the food you are giving me today, and use me today to help those who are hungry, hungry for natural food and spiritual food and thank you for those people and organizations who are feeding people natural food and spiritual food and continue to raise up an army that will do so.

Today I was out to eat with my mom and I told her, that with all the wealth in the world, there should be no way that someone should be going hungry tonight. But this world is evil, but that's why we can light up the night with the love of Christ. 

I love you guys, have a wonderful night!

I just kind of right what God lays on my heart and this was on my heart just minutes ago. Also, the fact that I'm ready to get my dream apartment in the Houston area so bad, which I'm saving up for, I overlook the fact that I have a warm and welcome house to sleep in tonight. Shelter and a bed. Wow, the simple yet powerful things in life...

What are some things you take for granted? Leave a comment below and let me know :)

Good night!

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