Friday, March 27, 2020

Don’t Worry

She was so stressed. Everything was not going right. She was engaged to a wonderful man, but their dream wedding and life seemed to be crashing before her eyes. How could God do this? she thought to herself. She had put all her trust in God, obeyed all his rules, and yet the man of her dreams, the man that He promised her was lying desperately sick in his hospital bed. This is not how she saw their story ending.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

God's Got You

Never worry about that, Never worry about this
God has got you
you're in the palm of his hands, He is taking care of you because you are HIS
Never will He ever leave you and never will he ever forsake you--His love for you is too great.

   So right now, wherever you are reading this, take a deep breath and dare to trust God.

Friday, March 20, 2020

The Power or Not Giving Up

Being hit hard is so painful. Look at the world right now, utter chaos and pandemonium, but we must trust in The God who has the power to sustain us. God has never fallen off his throne and He never will. He is all knowing and all powerful, please trust in Him. You might be getting sick right now, or laid off of your job, or not knowing how to buy groceries for your family. But please know and trust that God Almighty is in control.

Monday, March 16, 2020

The Least Of All

Photo by Juliana Stein from Pexels

She felt alone, overlooked
she wasn't the prettiest to the world
but Her Father thought she was the most beautiful
acne scars covered her face and her teeth were crooked
she hid from the world. She kept her head down at work
and only talked when she was spoken to.

The Time is AT HAND- Prophet Dickson

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Not Your Own Way


  Sometimes we think we know it all but it’s much easier to submit our will to Christ than to try to do life on our own. Jesus is the way, the truth , and the light. He’s everything. He knows your beginning from the end. Just think about all God has seen, he was never born and he is never going to end. So it should be easy to trust such a powerful being. But we don’t! Sometimes we trust the news, or medicine, or in ourselves. And of course none of those things are bad but we must trust Almighty God above it all.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Something out of Nothing

  You might think that you’re not enough. But what if I told you that God can work with what you got ! You don’t need anything extra and you don’t need to do better. Stop trying to fix yourself and just be accepted in the beloved!

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Say No to Fear

  God has given us the best gift ever- the power of His blood and His security. Right now you have an angel assigned to your life that is protecting you and making sure your life goes smoothly and safely. Sometimes we don’t even know what all God has protected us from,  but we will be grateful. You are so special and you don’t have to fear anything.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

How To Prosper & Succeed God’s Way

When you give your plans to God it’s that’s the only time they can succeed. True success comes from a posture of surrender. The world says, ‘grind go hard go faster and longer do whatever it takes to succeed’ no matter who’s feelings you hurt or who you have to step on to get there. You’ve got to be the man and the Wolf of Wall Street a bad B. I mean, the world is telling us to be a woman who eats men alive but at the same time have them drooling over us.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

The Devil Will Not Win

Satan will not win. Repeat it again, satan will not win! If he is fighting you right now you must be doing something right. You gave your all to God, you submit to him, so what are you worried about? Keep pushing and keep pressing. This is the big leagues, the Super Bowl, the NBA finals, the World Cup, so the opposition (your opponents) you face will be tough, but that means all your training has paid off. You are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses that are cheering you on. Jonah, David, Paul, they are all cheering you on as if your life is a sports arena and you are Kobe going in for the dunk. I believe even your family members who die in Christ can witness all your Christ victories from heaven in life.

   We are on the winning team because Jesus has already won the victory for us. So It doesn’t depend on how skilled, beautiful, smart or talented we are, but on who’s name is on our jersey. Thank God we’re reppin’ Jesus Christ. So Satan may taunt you, reject you and make you feel belittled, but that’s OK, you don’t need validation from that stupid fallen angel anyways. Keep your head held high, and scriptures on your mind, and the praise of God on your tongue. We are on the winning team. Say it with me , “I’m on the winning team!”  Just  think over your life and all the bad things you’ve been through and every time that God has delivered you from the turmoil of that. He’s always there for you, every day.

Friday, March 6, 2020

God Is Going To Fight Your Battles

  Let your guard down and allow God to fight for you. Put on the whole armor of God and not your own defense mechanisms. I know, it’s always as if life is going good for a while, then BOOM,  out of no where something absolutely terrible happens. But what if I told you that God, the Almighty and omniscient one, it’s not surprised at the things that happen in your life. Find comfort in this, if he’s allowing it to happen he must have a purpose for it.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

I Dare You To Trust God

   Let go. God has such big plans for you, but you have to trust him. He needs you to let go completely. It’s like falling backwards off a cliff not knowing what’s to come. Who will catch you?  But God will never let something bad happen to us. Even at our lowest, he is right there carrying us to victory. Your pain has an ending, there is a story to it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

"A Right Standing With God"- Teacher Naomi Dickson

Economics is Prophecy

Photo by Expect Best from Pexels

 By: Prophet Kwameh    

        The study of Economics can be found right within the scripture. As we approach the end times let us see how Economics plays a big role in Prophecy and current social economic factors. The whole entire bible is Prophetic. To me, economics is management of resources, supply and demand, services, debts and finance. We live in a world that's ran by resources and trading on the stock market that impacts the economy of nations. From ancient times Agriculture was the main economy, raising cattle and sheep. Genesis 26 tell us the story of Isaac and how he sowed during a famine (economic recession) and reaped a big harvest (financial gain).

Don't Fear The Future

   The future can be scary, daunting and downright frighting. Sometimes the future can be awesome to look forward too. The promise of marriage, children, new jobs and technologies. That's why I love precipices so much and even getting on Wikipedia to see what the world could be like in the year 10,000. Funny, I know but it's fun. The older I have gotten sometimes I fear the future. What new disasters will happen? Who will die next that I love? Will I get sick? Is the world going to end?