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The Power of Being an Influencer


  I remember it like it was yesterday. It was noon day in 2015 and I was laying in my guest bed in Córdoba, Argentina. I was a recent graduate at The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor's of Science in Radio- Television-Film with my specialty in screenwriting and I answered the divine calling I felt to do mission work. I have always loved traveling, creating and showing love and kindness to others. I felt in my heart that I was to start a blog when I got back home. Little did I know the grand journey that I would go on by making my brand of 

Me in Argentina 2015


Share Your Story

     I love the power of social media and how I was one of the first generation of teens to grow up in the new social media age (I was a senior in high school when Instagram became popular.) I was inspired by a popular Christian blogger and the media empire that she created. I loved the idea that I could share my stories to people all around the world and make a living from it. I also studied advertising through social media the summer of 2013 in Hong Kong. I even worked the with Koren skin care line DewyTree . My passion is writing and I knew my story, one of them being my struggle with depression, could inspire hope to a generation. Fitness influencer, Heather Matthews, used her former addiction story to inspire women to be confident and push past any obstacles in order to live their best life. There is no shame in your story, but power. There are so many communities on the internet who need to hear your voice and to be inspired by what you overcame. Read  Heather's story here-, 

  Business Savy 

Photo by Marc Mueller from Pexels

     Social media is the new media. Streaming is the new wave. Twitter and news websites have become the source of breaking news replacing television. In order to be a savy business, you are going to have to shift with the times or be left behind. I am a Millennial, and I know Gen Z and Gen Alpha will get most of their entertainment via a WiFi connection. Companies are investing billions into marketing on social media because the younger generation of people just aren't watching 'television' and the commercials that come with them like before. Although print magazines are still here, Instagram is the new campaign ads for fashion. Although I don't have a reach of millions as a micro-influencer, my reach is powerful. I have faithful followers across my social media platforms who are encouraged by my work and who are willing to support me and even buy products I recommend. In fact, according to, " 82% of respondents in a recent study were "highly likely" to follow a micro-influencer's recommendation. This is because of the trust and credibility micro-influencers have with their followers." (

   I love the freedom that being an influencer and owning my own brand gives me. I am a business, I am a brand. I can make money by being myself. I am a product , I am a billboard. I think it's very exciting and can give so many people the freedom to live the life they've always dreamed of. This pandemic caused an unprecedented amount of job loss, so being a micro-influencer can give people another income stream right from home using their gifts and talents in a new way.

 Find Your Community 


    The internet as helped me get through so many hard times. It has given me advice, connected me with new friends and has even given me a place where I can be myself.

   Being an influencer has given me the power to find so many communities. A lot of the times, in your daily life, there might not be a lot of people you can relate to, but the internet is this big place where you can find your tribe. Whether you are finding a community to encourage you on your weight loss journey or finding others to comfort you in your grief--there is a community for you. I am so grateful when others share their stories because it makes me not feel alone. 

   Being an influencer has given me the power to encourage others in their grief and give them hope for life. I love all the emails I get from my followers who tell me how much my content has encouraged them, it makes my work so fulfilling. You can watch one of my videos where I talk about my journey with grief and insecurity here-

 In Conclusion  

  When you speak your truth and live your passions, opportunities will come. Do what you love and love what you do. When you start your influencer journey, do not worry about followers. I am a micro-influencer, but even with my small follower count I still am able to blog full time. It's all about building a community who will support you and using your talents to diversify your income. 

  I'm so excited for you to start your influencer journey and to enter this lucrative business market. Please comment your social media handles below so I can follow you.

Thanks for reading,

Stacie Cherill



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