Tuesday, September 28, 2021

How To Have a Productive Day In


    Taking care of your mental health is so important. With the pandemic still going on and trying times happening all around us, it’s more important than ever to make sure your mental health is in top shape. I have been walking every morning and evening, I have been working out, mediating and going to therapy lately to make sure my brain and emotions are in top shape. I have also been playing online games. They are a huge stress reliever and it’s free to play on this Website I Found.  I live in Texas, and a lot of schools are closing due to the virus and events and public hangout places are also being closed . So since we can’t go out to have fun as much, I’ve learned how to have fun at home. 

   I’m going to share 3 tips with you to have a great day or night in at home. 

Vision Boarding 

    Making a vision board is so fun . I love the power of manifesting. All manifesting is to me is setting a goal and doing acts of faith to bring it to past . 


     You can make a physical or digital vision board . For the physical board, cut out pictures in magazines that inspire you or print out some pictures that speak to your deepest desires. For a digital vision board, go to Pinterest and create a private board labeled ‘Vision,’ and write down all the things that inspire you. 

    When you can visualize your dream it makes it easier to come to pass in the natural (Earth) realm. If you can’t see the vision how can you make it come to pass? The power of visualization is what will catapult your visions into reality .

   After you make your vision board, go play this exciting game I discovered, The Palace Hotel . It is an online hidden objects game and let me tell you, it is super fun. You have certain objects that you need to find and it is so satisfying when you find the object you’re looking for.  This game is good for my brain health because it increases my concentration skills and it’s just down right fun to get lost in the world of this amazing hotel .You’re going to have so much fun playing . 

The Palace Hotel 

Home Workout 


     I love working out at home. There are so many free workouts online that I love to take advantage of. There are dance workouts, cardio, abs, strength, yoga, you name it. There is a workout out there for everyone. I do love going to my local gym, but as the pandemic is still going on, I find myself doing more at home workouts. It’s truly so much fun. It helps ease my chronic back pain and it also helps my mental health by easing my anxiety . I challenge you to give a home workout a try today ! Workout in a time length that is comfortable for your schedule and fitness level . Trust me, you’re going to feel so much better afterwards . 

    After you do your workout and you have finished it up with a relaxing stretch, I want you to try this exciting online free game out . It’s a Daily Word Search Puzzle Game .My grandmother enjoyed  word search puzzle books to keep her mind active and engaged. When I do these puzzles it feels as if I am closer to my grandmother, as she is in heaven now. It’s also a wonderful stress release.

     I like to watch the timer to see how fast I can complete the puzzles; it’s a great challenge . 

Bake a Cake 

     I personally do not like to cook. It stresses me out ! But I do enjoy making a cake ! (Not from scratch of course) but from a box ! Instant cake is the best (convenience wise) ! Now if you love to bake and are skilled in the kitchen, please go ahead and make your dessert from scratch (and please send me some of it in the mail) ! But if you want something quick and fun, you can find instant cake mix for as low as a dollar . Buy icing and sprinkles if you are feeling special ! It should only take you an hour from start to finish ! Maybe invite a friend over and have yourself a fun movie cake date ! 

    Now, after you eat your delicious cake, play this super fun Hearts Card GameTest your skills in this trick taking card game as you battle 3 other digital players . This game will surely keep you on your toes! It is super fun. Let me know when you play it ! I hope you win !

In Conclusion 


     I have given you all the tools you need to have a fun and productive day or night in. With the pandemic still going on it is still a wise choice to social distance and to stay home when you can. These tips will give you the best day in. 

     All the ideas I gave you are free or extremely low cost (ie., the cake mix). I hope you take these tips and give yourself a fun self-care day in. You deserve it!

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