Friday, June 25, 2021

Things to Pack for a Hike


  When I am outside in nature I feel so balanced . It’s as if all my worries melt away and I am one with The Earth, God & myself. We are so distracted as a people, always hooked up to our phones, waiting on the next email , waiting on the next dopamine hit or the newest social media video. I am not against social media or electronics, I gain so much joy from it, but it is vital for your mental health and your overall happiness to disconnect from it all every once in a while . I have a great solution that has helped me get fit and healthy in my body and my brain and it has also given me great happiness. What is it?  Taking a hike ! 

  I have had the privilege of hiking in many beautiful places: Colorado, Hawaii and even Argentina . But some of my favorite hiking trips were right in my hometown at the local park or  beach with my dog Ellie . I would use that time to make vlogs for my YouTube Channel (Stacie Cherill Dickson) , pray or read the Bible on resting stops , or even get a good workout in. Although it is great to be able to travel to a beautiful destination, sometimes the greatest adventures can happen in your own backyard. I think dealing with the pandemic and having to quarantine definitely taught all of us that . I’m going to share with you three things I always pack when I go on a hike ! 

Me hiking in Colorado 

Frozen Water Bottles 

  Water is absolutely essential to any hike. It is so important to stay hydrated to prevent dehydration. It is especially crucial to have water with you if you are bringing your dog along. A trick I like to do is get a nice water canister and put it in the freezer the night before. So when you are on your hike you will have cold water as it melts. Also bring a small plastic dog bowl so your pet can drink too.

Me hiking with my dog, Ellie

Healthy Snacks 

   Hiking is a great form of exercise and you will burn a lot of calories so you need to pack fueling snacks. Trail mix is great, fruit and even a protein bar. Sandwiches are another great addition to have packed in your lunch. I enjoy a great vegan lunch meat sandwich with veggies, peanut butter and jelly is great too. Make sure you don’t pack anything that will spoil quickly in the heat . You can always pack a small portable ice cooler to fit in your lunch box to help keep everything fresh . 

A Notebook 

A view from my hike in Hawaii

  I am a huge believer in manifestation. I believe that are words can create our reality . I also believe that God wants to partner with us to make our dreams come true . A fantastic way to do this is by getting a journal and jotting down your goals, dreams and aspirations. You can even write down prayers if you want too. Maybe you want a new job, if so, write down what your dream job would look like. If you are looking for a new home, write down your saving goals and even how you would decorate it. Also write down and visualize what city you would want your new home to be in. If you are in search of a new home,  here are some  Banff Homes for Sale.

  These homes are located in a beautiful mountain area that is perfect for hiking. You’ll always have perfect outdoor adventures, wonderful lakes and great national parks. It’s the perfect city to live in a mountain oasis. 

   It is summer time here in the Northern Hemisphere so that means it is a perfect time to explore the great outdoors . With Covid restrictions slowly lifting everywhere now is the time explore all the world has to offer. The great outdoors is peaceful and can bring you so much clarity, I’m so excited to hear all about your hiking adventures !

Thanks for reading ,

Stacie Cherill 


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