Thursday, February 2, 2017

'Living In Each Moment' A poem by Dana Williams

  My life is always changing, like the seasons. 
Some days I feel as if I'm struggling just
to get by in this cold winter.
Feels like it takes everything inside of me just to move my feet.
Other days I see myself embracing the
beauty of spring, 
noticing how I'm growing, just like a sunflower or...
exchanging my cocoon for a beautiful set
of wings, soaring in the sky, 
feeling just like a butterfly. 
Then there are the moments where I'm
just sweating through life, just like on a 
summer day.
Or when everything seems to change,
just how the leaves begin to change their color.

   My life is always changing, just like the seasons. 
The Lord takes me and places me in different seasons in my life.
Sometimes I question him and ask,
"Why can't things stay the same?
Why must there always be change?
I'm tired of one day running through , 
the flowers, just to find myself standing
in the rain."
Then I hear The Lord laugh and gently say,
"How would the flowers and trees grow with no rain? 
For each season, there is a purpose.
There is a reason for everything."

  So I begin to think, that my life is no different than the seasons. 
Yes, I can beg and plead to The Lord to 
stop the rain, to take away the snow.
Instead, I could rush into the joys of summer, ignoring all responsibilities of life and playing in the water. 
I could pray for the coolness of fall to
come, or rush into the season where
I'm surrounded by a field of sunflowers,
skipping by the trials and pain;
seeing no growth or change.

  Lord, oh how easy it is to live in the next
Waiting for that degree, staring at that
wedding dress, idolizing what the
future "MIGHT" hold with this job or
that one, the joys of parenthood or clinging to the day I walk in my purpose or finally fulfill "my" dreams.
When will it be my time to shine?
When will it be my time to soar?
When will my dreams become reality?
When will I receive my healing? 
When will it be my time for love, joy, peace, wealth, freedom, blessings, deliverance...? 
I thought you promised to never 
leave or forsake me....
But I can't help to think maybe that
promise wasn't for me. 

   BUT...I refuse to entertain the enemy's lies over Your truth.
Instead of whining & complaining, 
I will chose to endure and develop.
Instead of running from the rain, 
I could run in it.
Instead of allowing myself to get
stuck in the snow, 
I can persevere through it.
Instead of envying what others have,
I will celebrate with them and find contentment in having you.

  Lord, I choose to wait on you.
I choose to trust that, maybe, just maybe,
this rain is going to purify me from my
dirt, guilt, and shame.
That maybe this rain I'm trying to escape,
is exactly what I need to be cleansed from my are my redeemer.
And this thick snow is going to make me stronger than are my strength.
Maybe in the quietness of fall, 
when it feels as if I'm all alone,
you are teaching me to be broken before you, my healer.
Maybe, just maybe you are teaching me
how to actually live in each moment. 

Lord, I will stop running.
I will stop whining,
I surrender. 
I submit. 
Do what you want in me. 
In your will, in your way, in your timing. 
Give me a content heart.
Remind me that you are all I need, in each season of my life. 
Grow me, mold me, and make me the woman and man of God you created me to be. 
I will not rush into the next season or waste my life. 
Jesus, help me to surrender each day to you. 
Forgive me for any disobedience and sins known and unknown. 
Help me to walk in repentance, away from my sin, but chasing relentlessly after you,
after your heart. 
Have your way in me. 
Thank you for taking away all my sin and guilt on that old rugged cross.
And for that, I surrender my heart, my plans, my dreams, and my life to and for you. Receive ALL the glory! 
                                   In Jesus's Holy Name, 

"To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven." 
-Ecclesiastes 3:1

This poem really ministered to my spirit soul and heart. This poem is something I truly needed to hear in this time in my life. Dana is such a dear & precious friend to me, I hold her beautifully in my heart, and I'm so honored that she chose to share this beautiful Holy Spirit filled poem on this website the Lord trusted with me. I'm so glad Dana trusted me. Thank you Dana for your boldness for Christ in sharing this poem with souls around the world. Thank you Dana for your constant, love, encouragement and support. You are a TRUE friend. I am honored that God gave you to me as a friend to share life with. May we all live and glorify God in each moment and not count down the days but Praise God for each day and in each day! Praise God for Dana's obedience to The Lord, because other's deliverance and edification is tied up in our obedience. Thank you for reading! May Jesus be your joy today! Thank you again Dana! Love you!

                                                                                             In Service To Christ,
                                                                                                     Stacie Cherill Dickson 

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  1. I love this poem Stacie Cherill and Dana Elisabeth! I love yall!! to God be the glory for these wonderful truths
    God bless yall may he continue to shine his light vigorously through you each individualy, personaly and passionatly xoxo 💜💜💜🌻☀


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