Friday, February 10, 2017

Tiffany Blue

"Tiffany....Will you marry me?"

She was astonished...excited...but astonished...then like a flashback every moment came rushing to her brain.

Tiffany was so shocked that someone deemed she was Worth the Wait. That she was To Die For.

"Wherever He draws me I worked as Unto Him and pour into the hurting souls as He leads me to." THAT PHRASE HAD BEEN REVEALED TO HER NOW by The Holy Spirit!


"Oh, so like for community service? Like what Brad had to do last semester to cover his 3rd DWI.?"

Tiffany's blonde sorority sister asked her as she was zipping up her North Face jacket on her way to the university's main campus gym. Although she had her North Face jacket on, Tiffany couldn't fathom as to why because her tiny gym shorts she had on defeated the purpose of keeping her warm.

"No, he like,works there works there. Like that's his job."

"Oh." Disappointment, well, disgust laced her voice. "Well, I mean, that's cool, I guess. Mall custodian is a new one."

"I would be more than honored to be your escort you and be your date to the Winter Prom."

"Formal, Ashad. It's a Formal...Prom is like, American high school movies." Tiffany always thought his oblivion about American pop cultural was funny, but with time it became really refreshing because he wasn't a 'hypnotized commercialized Instagram  Hungry Zombie' like everyone else there age it seemed.

"Well, yes. The formal. It would be an honor to be your date. You're a princess and it would be amazing to give you a wonderful night."

The park they were walking in was glistening with freshly fallen white snow. It was beautiful. The path was marked with her UGG tracks.

Tiffany really cared for Ashad. Truly she loved him. No other guy had genuinely pursed her heart and honored her body. But it just wouldn't happen. Well, couldn't really. I mean it could, but all she could think about was her parents disappointments. Her friends' (truly associates)  disappointments. Her parents struggled all their life to keep up the appearance of 'The Joneses' and all the faking was exhausting. The illusion of material perfection and plastic conversations were beginning to sicken Tiffany.
They even made her chose her major, to be a lawyer, because 'it sounds impressive' even though that was not her desire. She wanted to be a worship leader. But that was 'not good enough' for her parents. So that dream was trashed away with her desire for Christ. But HE was still faithful in his pursuit.

So how could they ever fathom or accept her courting, yet alone marrying, Ashad. An African on Visa in America who has no money, no degree, who works as a janitor?

"Ashad.. Her voice is laced in disgust at herself, but like vomit, she can't keep the words from coming. .I'm going with Kendrick.. He's a legacy, he plays on the football team, his parents are in the same banking league as mine...I'm sorry I have no choice.." She truly was because she hated living like this.

Ashad is hurt, but he still manages to emerge a slight but genuine smile. He loved being in her presence. But ultimately, God's Will.  "Okay, Tiffany."
They continue their walk. The sun glistening their path. The Son shining and guiding their path, even when Tiffany didn't know it. But Ashad knew The Alpha and Omega.

Ashad took his gray thick hand woven scarf from his cold neck, and wrapped it gently on Tiffany's. A sacrificial offering of his love.

And they continued on their walk.

The summer night was arrayed with glistening stars. The black sky shone bright with the light of the moon. The oak tree they were dancing under was laced with white lights with lanterns hanging from the trees. Every detail immaculately executed. The portable radio stereo was playing, "Beautiful King', a song glorifying Jesus Christ. They danced lovingly, to the song. So romantic in love. The love of Christ.

Tiffany's red dress was glistening. The sequin and the tulle was swaying in the grass, blowing in the wind.

This was the dress that Ashad bought for Tiffany for the winter formal...the one he assumed that she would ask him to go with. Ashad was hurt, he even wanted to throw the dress away, throw the memory of Tiffany away. But The Holy Spirit wiped his tears and told him, "Love bears, All Things, Hopes all Things, Love Endures All Things, Love Never fails." He knew Tiffany was his wife. The little lamb that He knew God called him to care for and protect. Even when it seemed as if she pierced his heart with pain and hurt. Even that to was worth it to him.

So Abba told him to hold on to the dress. Wait. Wait on me. Wait. 

And so tonight was the night it was unveiled.

Her red dress representing the beautiful redemptive Blood of The King. He endured ridiculed and shame because of His great Love for us.

All Tiffany ever idolized was her future husband proposing to her and seeing that Tiffany Blue. Laced with ribbon. The shiny box with an exquisite diamond to make other's jealous and wish they were her. That she thought was TRUE LOVE.

But all that came crashing down by God's Truth of Holy Fire, as she rested her head on Ashad's shoulder...She knew she was truly on the shoulder of Christ.


Shopping couldn't dilute the pain any more, her drug of choice was wearing out. The tears were unbearably painful to hold in. Tiffany headed to a silent corner of the food court. Bite of pizza. Sniffle. Bite of pizza sniffle. She loathed her classes. She was barely passing math. The pressure was too much .She didn't want this in life in the first place.

A custodian, a handsome young man with gentle and caring look in his eyes, put his broom aside.

"Can I help you mam?"

No, I can throw it away myself I'm not done yet. She says while wiping her tears.

"No can I really help you?I can listen."

Hesitant, because no one has ever offered to listen to her, but hopeful because she needed a friend, even if it was a janitor. It's a long story. And I don't know if you're done, you know...working. She says overly cautious as to not openly degrade his job.

"It would be my honor to listen. I will stay after hours to finish my cleaning section if I have to."

After 3 hours of talking Tiffany felt so loved. Like, she never felt this way before. And she didn't even have to make out with him to get him to listen!  The janitor had offered to help tutor her in calculus and had really encouraged her.

"If you don't mind me asking and I don't mean to offend you...but you are so talented in math. You could be so much for than a custodian!"

He wasn't offended, He was patient...but Tiffany regretted that she had talked to much.

"I actually had offers to study at Cambridge, The University of Texas at Austin, and Harvard. But this is my calling....Wherever He draws me, I work as Unto Him and pour into the hurting souls he leads me to."

Tiffany didn't understand. And wondered if she ever would.

Dedicated to: Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior..Who birthed this story in me. I love you. Thank you for your relentless pursuit of me and giving me Roland, who loves me relentlessly. This gift is yours.

With all my being,
Stacie Cherill Dickson

Thank you for reading! Have a Blessed Night!
Stacie Cherill Dickson 


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