Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Solace Morning

 As Psalms 91 as my protection …. A mother’s prayer 

Your love Holy Spirit is all over me

A song that never stops playing 

Our love story is timeless 

A masterpiece in this cynical world

But your love saves the day

This is your day that you have made 

You find me rejoicing & being glad in it 

And honorarium a price I could never pay 

In your eyes I see love 

In your arms I find solice 

You’re everything to me 

I adore you forever and a day 

You’ve known my desires 

Each and every one of them 

A fairytale so beautiful 

Written all over my body 

With your Spirit I am In tune 

Like the waves washing on shore

Is how your love covers me 

A billion thank yous 

Will never show my gratitude 

But may this poem do you justice 

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