Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"Is It Still Worth It?- A Short Story of Sacrifice by Stacie Cherill

"I don't know about this...It's just that I... I don't know Sam...I don't think I can do this anymore."

The girl's bathroom is an eerie kind of quiet.  It's between classes, the only good time to talk if you're hall pass is still good. There is an awkward silence full of tension between the girls.

"Seriously, Ash? Its okay. I'm not mad. Well I am mad but, I'll get over it. I prepared myself just in case this might happen."

Sam gets up and paces around the small bathroom . She runs her fingers through her brown hair as if to ease her stress. She steps in front of her soon to be MIA teammate.

"Why are you quitting? You know how hard we worked for this? You know how many fans we have rooting us for us on Twitter? I don't understand? What about the movement..? I mean you were so pumped last night. I don't understand?  I mean I do understand why you changed your mind. I know 17 year-olds can be pretty brutal. But isn't it all worth it too see the freedom and hope this is going to bring people?"

Ashley walks away from the corner she was timidly in and walks toward Sam. "Sam, you know I love you. And, I really did believe in us, in the movement and everything! I truly did. But...I just..I hate being put on the chopping block like this! We are a joke! There's even been a MEME made about us! A MEME SAM! You know how embarrassing that is?!" 

Ashley's takes a deep breath. She realized her voice raised higher than the allowed volume level that wouldn't get them caught by a nosy teacher. Another breath. Her face is filled with genuine remorse. Sam is staring off into the tiny dirty mirror in front of the sink.

Ashley starts on. "Sam, I truly admire you're bravery, I really do. It's just that I have to much on the line if I go through with this. I know how many people will benefit from it...but the risk is just too great for me. I guess I don't have your spunk. I truly hope one day I will." 

Sam ignores Ashley for a moment, not in a rude manner, she's just in deep thought. She turns on the water faucet and splashes her face with water. She stares at her wet lashes in the mirror and catches Ashley's reflection and smiles. Although she is disappointed ,she forgives her. 

Sam walks to the paper towel dispenser and wipes her face dry. 

"I don't think it's spunk I have, I guess I'm just willing to be put on the chopping block and be humiliated if it means that one person doesn't have to suffer the same pain I did last semester."

Sam grabs her zebra print backpack from the ground and walks to the door. She gives one last look at Ashley and flashes her a quick smile. Her eyes are filled with suspense yet passion. "Make sure you get a good Vine clip of my speech." 

Ashley shows a slight smile that is buried underneath worry. 

By- Stacie Cherill 

John 15:13New International Version (NIV)
13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

© 2015- Stacie Cherill Dickson-Staciecherill.com. All Rights Reserved

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