Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Letter of Sincerity" by Barry Guilford Jr.

I know sometimes I disappoint you with the decisions I make.  Couldn't of come this far without a whole lot of grace.  I can do nothing apart from you.  My days are often blue.  I take your medicine and my pain is soothed. 
My Lord I've been struggling here a long time.  Often finding myself in a bind.  But I'm still gonna praise your name.  Please don't let my suffering go in vain.  Seem like my only joy comes when praising you.  I literally feel dead if I'm not interacting with you.  I can't complain about my life at all.  My peace is the thunder & rainfall.  The people I love don't understand me.  They see what the world see.  I'm sorry I choose to chase peace.  A sound mind is my Mercedes.  I know I am full of mistakes.  Crawling back to the throne and there awaits grace.  Just sinned yet I ask for forgiveness.  Release me from this world's religion prison.  Help me to never forsake your name.  A relationship with you is what I seek to gain.-Barry Guilford Jr.

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