Thursday, September 3, 2015

"The Prayer of The Poor"- By Barry Guilford Jr.

The poor are screaming,
Nobody hears me yet they turn a blind eye to my obvious pain.
I scream from the depth of my soul. Lord I ask you have blessed these ears so they can hear. My cries of anguish have been put on display by the greedy. We pray for clean water. We ask for any kind of food. We ask for once a government who cares about our concern. We ask for one night we can our sleep be peaceful. No bullets, no death, no more pain. Lord we acknowledge you and don't do anybody harm yet we are the ones neglected. Why do the greedy forsake you. Why does it seem like they are rewarded for selfishness. Lord I humbly ask of you these things. Why do they hate us. They have more than enough but they won't share. We will take their leftovers. My God how can we learn if we're hungry? How can we continue fighting if we're tired. My closest friends and family are dying. How many graves will we have to dig. Thousands die by the year not over conflict but cause of starvation. Hear my plea Lord my body aches. My tongue is parched. My breathing is shallow. The little hope I have left is dissipating. If these God is my last prayer I ask you to have mercy on the rich for they know not what they do. I'm hungry, confused, and broken but stop praising you is something I will not do. 


Barry Guilford Jr. 

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