Saturday, January 16, 2016

22nd Birthday Hair& A Bride.

Hey you guys! I had an ahhmazig birthday! (Jan 13th) I'll be blogging about that later... but today, I want to tell you how I prepped my natural hair for heat, how I'm preserving it, and where I got it done :)

1st things first , I wanted
to make sure I entrusted my hair to a great and professional stylist. I am in LOVE with  my natural curls and I did not want ANYTHING harming that whatsoever. Heat damage is real so I wanted to make sure I found a professional who would care for my hair. My hair is like my baby, I've been natural almost 1 year and 6 months, and I put a lot of work and effort to grow out my hair and I did not want anyone just ripping through my hair because they didn't care about it like I do.

So I found The Salon 360 Degrees in Houston, TX  

This is Lisa Moore, the Co-Owner of The Salon 360 Degrees. "She has been featured in black hair magazines such as, Sophisticates Black Hair. She has continued her education under Design Essentials, Paul Mitchell and Matrix."1

I have had so many horrible experiences trusting my hair to stylists in the past, so I was very hesitant to trust a stylist. I mean, the fact is NOBODY is going to love your hair the way you do. I mean I love my hair! My sore arms after I work on my wash-n goes for up to 4 hours once a week can attest for that. The countless hours I've spent researching online and YouTube and forums on how to take care of and style my natural hair show my love for it. So my hair is my baby, and like you wouldn't leave your child with just anybody, I didn't want my hair to be left in the hands of just any stylist. But still, even when you have a child who you leave with a babysitter, no matter how many credentials they have, and no matter how highly accredited they come, you are still going to be overprotective of that child...just how I was with my hair!

But Lisa Moore took note of this, and reassured me (I was very hardheaded) that she knew what she was doing and that I could trust her. (I didn't want to let go of my ends in a trim, but I must say she did not chop off 6 inches of hair like most LOL..hey it happens) But she had my hair looks BOMB! She also really encouraged me and helped boost my confidence when it comes to my blogging and following what God told me to do! I really appreciated that! :) 

To Prep My Hair 

  • Did a hard protein Treatment using Aphogee 2 step. Make sure you follow with the conditioner that is reccomended to come with it! Only use this once every 6 to 8 weeks! I planned to use it a week before I straightend to fortify my hair! I want my curls to bounce back after my straight hair is long gone! Also, do it a couple of days out because you don't want your hair too hard from the protein...moisturized hair straightens better! (better I mean it is a must to prevent damage) 

The night before (I should have did it in the afternoon but I was so busy! Yall I stayed up from 10pm to 4:30 am deep conditioning my hair! IT WAS WORTH IT TOO ME! To prevent heat damage! I did 4 different deep conditioners under the dryer with 10 minute increments with a shower cap. Although my increments don't seem that long, it takes a long time for me to detangle my hair and to spread out the conditioner..And I rinsed it out everytime.. And I was also working on some blogg stuff..

But then I realized...I CAN STAY UP ALL NIGHT TO DEEP CONDITION MY HAIR..KNOWING I HAVE TO WAKE UP AT 6AM..BUT YET I FIND IT HARD TO GET UP OUT THE BED AND GO INTO MY INTIMACY TIME WITH MY FATHER? No, I haven't been pressing into hard enough. I wanted non damaged hair bad enough..but not my father's presence enough cuz I've been wanting sleep. Yes I know God still loves me the same...but I want to be his bride.. I want to go behind the veil and no him face to face..and that takes work. He's not going to love me better...but I'll KNOW HIM DEEPER.

The deep conditioners I used, each individually, to conditioner my hair the night before. 

AT THE SALON! I WAS LOVING MY BLOWOUT.. BIG AFRO! Didn't know my hair was that long! Shrinkage is REAL!

I love the thickness of my hair :) It use to never be like this! Thank God I went natural! It's the same length in 1 year and 6 months that my relaxed hair was my whole life! 

look at that smile! :)

I wrap my hair at night to preserve the straight look. I'm not use to wrapping cuz with my natural hair
I pull it back with a scrunchie and sleep on a satin pillow case :) Carefree, but I want to get my money's worth and time's worth out of this hair :)


I checked the weather and it called for rained and 76% percent humidity! So I applied this lightly to my hair
a few days later to help maintain my sleek look!

I know this seems like the most! But I keep 3 shower caps, a beanie, and a hat in my car and purse, so the rain
can't catch me off guard!!

Love you guys! I'll talk to you later :) 

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.- Proverbs 31:30

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