Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Normally, she would protest
complain, whine,
anything to get her way.
She knew her mom worked 2 jobs,
single mom,
well not really single
she was still married
but it was if she was single.
And she really wanted the Addias All Stars this year
everyone had them
she frequented Kylie Jenner's Insta always...

but this year
she wanted to do it differently
she wanted to be content
almost foreign concepts to her

she heard her mom cry out to God one night
how she was so sad she had ungrateful children
but how she felt it was her fault anyway

Every year she dreaded 'back to school shopping'
she needed the latest clothes to be 'in'
she was popular, nobody really knew her broken home situation
and if they did, she learned how to put on a good front

but if she need ray-bans and all stars to be friends with her 'friends'
then how shallow was that.
She vowed to herself in 8th grade that she would never become like that..
but many things you will do to stay popular she would come to find out..

Mom, I'm grateful for the clothes I have...really. Get Ron some new clothes this year, I'm fine.
Although she knew her daughter meant it, she knew it was crushing her to say it
but she was relived in appreciated.

And so was God.

Laying down her life for her mom's.

2 weeks later she got a knock on her bedroom door, it was her mom. “Peggy at work wanted me to give these to you.” her smile beaming. She said God told her in a dream.

3 weeks later, she walked the hallway in her new shiny Adidas All Stars. But instead of sitting with her usual crowd of snobbies, who were just really rejected and hiding under bashing people and material clothes, she found a lonely new girl, with handydowns, and asked if she could eat lunch with her.  

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