Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cousin James.

To: Abba
Special dear
to my heart
a grandpa
a friend
a leader
a kind hearted man
Thank you Abba
for cousin Jame's life
and for Nanny for leading me to him
and when Roland picked him up when he fell
bringing him lunch and breakfast
special times
decorating his nursing home room
house visits
texas road house and baskin robins snacks
perfect times
thank you Abba
for bringing my cousin James to me
I love you so much
Keep Him in Perfect Peace

"Lay hold on Eternal Life." - I Timothy 6:12

Lord wrap cousin James in your love
I know you will
you have been doing it all your life
because He is your son
even when I'm not there
send labors to love him and show Him Christ
to talk and sit with Him
thank you for the sweet times I got to read scripture over him, show him hong kong coins, pray and worship over Him,
and may there be more times
many more
may He be at My wedding Abba
this is my desire
but Lord, let your perfect will be orchestrated.
I love you.

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