Friday, August 4, 2017

How could i ever...

How could i ever
explain my 
undying love for you
My perfect King
Looking at the photobucket memories
of Last Call Ministries
Living in a promise older than me
I'm so in awe
of your goodness
keep my eyes on you NOW
enjoying this promises moment
not worried or focused on next season
we had a wonderful netflix and Jesus date today Abba.

You are perfect in all your ways
ever single part of you blows my mind
I want all of you
more of you
deeper into 
please tell me 
how are you so awesome?
I can't even fathom your beauty
You deserve all the Glory
All The Pomp and Circumstance
All The Bows
a ceremony grander than Princess Diana's death

How you love me so personally
How you carry me
How my days are in your hands
How you kiss me
Love my family
carry our fears
carry me

Please Abba
My Beautiful Abba
Sweep me off my feet
I love all of You
Consume me in All Your Beauty

I want All of You

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