Saturday, August 5, 2017

On The Eve...

of my Momma's birthday
each year you amaze me.
I'm learning to trust you
but you have given me grace
so much grace
because you saw my heart
personal decorations during paper route surprises
Galleria shopping trips
Ulta makeovers
Spindletop rooftop dinner
the beautiful glow of my Momma against the Houston skyline, so beautiful
Woodlands Resort
Innertube fun 
After Argentina
you provided $1000 for me
so much fun
I'm smiling now
Last year, this day
Daddy was hospitalized at Galveston
I got to serve Him while reading a book that healed me
You kept us
and we pressed
and stayed at the most nicest hotel in Houston
The Skyline great
I love you so much
and now
this year
doctor's appointments alot
but you've been so faithful
the love my mom has for you is so much greater
I'm in awe of your perfections
soaking in that big tub
I love you so much
Momma preaches tomorrow 
on her birthday
for Last Call Ministries
A promise kept
I'm so excited.
who you are...
that's who you are... 

"...with confidence by the Faith of Him." - Ephesians 3:12

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