Saturday, September 2, 2017

Lived Refreshed.

it was an icy cold day.
it was 78 outside
but her heart was pounding
her veins were frozen
had took the best of her.
or so she thought.
those lies...
but she could not take it anymore
If God was so good
He was going to have to prove it to her
right now
All of the sudden,
she was covered in warm
ocean blue waters
crisp and fresh
oozing and teaming with life...
ocean blue
blue skies
but it was more than that
she felt this overwhelming warmth
this absolutely transparent love
teeming through her veins
her dark night was turned to bliss
and she had nobody but Christ to thank for this.
He had proved Himself to her.

Psalms 23:3- "He restores My Soul"

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