Monday, September 11, 2017

The Last Football Season.


Senior year,
was finally here.
Starting offensive line,
should be signing D1 in spring,
pretty girlfriend, Homecoming Queen,
new truck,
life was good...


As he rode the bus,
his teammates gave him high-fives
they all looked up to Him,
He was the captain,

but nothing could hide the loneliness he was feeling inside,
his dad died last spring
and it felt like a piece of him was missing,
no amount a touch downs could fill that void,

this was suppose to be their season...
now it just felt meaningless...
then he heard,

"Play for My Glory Ken, Play for My Glory. Rejoice that your father was saved. He's with me. Change your life, so at the end of yours, you can be the same."


She was feeling sick to her stomach,
and it wasn't from all the backflips and basket tosses she just did,
she hated cheerleading now,
not if she had to cheer for him
He dumped her,
after 3 years together,
she gave him everything,
her body,
he was her first,

she wanted to skip the game,
but her mom made her come
she felt worthless
'Homecoming Queen Depressed'
--is what she imagined the headlines would say

I know they said it would get better with time,
high school doesn't matter they say,

but right now,
it mattered
and it hurt her to her core...

"My dearest Paige. I see you, I love you & You are known. I ended that relationship. You were worshiping an idol. Paying your vows to death. I love you. I adore you, and I will clean you up. Cheer for me. Love, Abba."


'Band nerd' they called him,
but without the band, the ambiance of the stadium would be so dull
he felt unappreciated
playing music for the football team that made fun of him
the cheerleaders that annoyed him
but he loved music

He couldn't wait to go to college
reinvent himself
be somebody new, 
but then he heard....

"Bryan.. I love you." 

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before 

you were born I set you apart;" Jeremiah 1:5



Lord, fill us with all of YOU. 
You are absolutely special, absolutely worthy and absolutely true.
thank You for birthing this story Lord out of me, to heal the hurting
Lead them to You O God.
Keep Us In Your Safe Haven.
We will love you and worship Your Holy Name Forever.
Giving you all the Praise, Glory & Honor.

In Jesus's Mighty Name,

I love You Abba and thank you for reading,
Stacie Cherill Dickson!!


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