Saturday, April 28, 2018

Standing Tall

You stand tall
above it all
you see everything
in the splendor of your majesty
you are pure bliss
you are pure life
ignite me with your fire
breathe in me your life
star of the show
that's you Abba you know
although this world may be cruel
forever my hand you will hold
I asked of you
to transport me to the realm of heaven
in the night so i can speak to my Nanny
You gave me a dream
Momma and I after her doctor's appointment
bright sunny day
glitter and cancer ribbons around  Momma's truck
me strapping Nanny in
smiles on our faces
on the right side
Nanny saying strap me in, un do this lol
like always
bout to take a ride
all in joy bliss
better than valentines day
but thank you for that day
momma driving
we love we care
i'll never forget
I lean in to give Nanny one last kiss
i know it wont be my last
i wake up kissing my pillow
oh how sweet you are
Abba I love you and I'm forever grateful
my heart is bursting with joy
and I know Nanny's is exploding with your constant love

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