Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Through God's Eyes [Creative Story]

Photo by: Oliver
She sat all alone at the lunch table
nobody seemed to notice her.
She felt all alone.
Her sister--a sophomore, was so much popular than her.
I mean, all the hottest guys liked her and she was rocking it in all her AP courses.
She felt so embarrassed-- how was her little sister living this Hollywood High School life?
she was tired of being in the background...
tired of being invisible...
tired of not fitting in...

Maybe if I started to take sexy Instagram pictures people would notice me?
Maybe I should be a cheerleader?
Maybe I should dye my hair blonde?
Maybe if I weren't so fat!

Then she heard a still small voice tell her,

Keep being you, My darling, You're so popular in my eyes. Don't change a thing.

She knew that voice--so lovely and comforting. It was her Abba.

"Look across the room my Dear," He continued, "You see that girl getting picked on. Go stick up for her. She needs a friend. I set you apart so you can focus on me and care for the rejected. If you were popular, you would be worried about vain things, and I created you for so much more than that."

With that, she was comforted.
She was about to defend the weak.
She got up from her pity party comforted and stronger than ever.
She didn't' have to change herself--God made her perfect
and she was about to walk in that perfection.

Will you?

He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength. Isaiah 40:29

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