Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Broken Family Restored [Creative Story]

She checked her phone again, '2:45'
Cheerleading practice ended at 2 o'clock and her ride was no where in sight.
Winter was soon approaching and she didn't even bring her coat,
she shivered...
Where is he?
She thought about walking home, but it was getting dark and the neighborhood was pretty rough,
plus she had just moved here and didn't know her way around.
Her phone had just died so she felt...stranded and alone. 
Physically and in her heart. 

Her father was a drug addict, and sometimes he would forget to pick her up.
He loved her dearly, and if you looked at him, you would never know he did drugs,
but the prescription pills were overtaking his life,
swallowing him up--and her--whole.
She just wanted him to get help.

She was so frustrated at God,
she didn't want to be but she couldn't help it.
Sure she had made the varsity cheer team and was doing well in school,
but her mother had ran off with another man
and her father was poppin' pills to deal with the loss.
She felt her life was a mess but she was doing her best to deal with it.
But to be honest, she was tired of 'just dealing with it'.
The weight was so heavy on her
she didn't know what to do.

She set her cheerleading bag down and looked up to God

God, please save my family
I'm sorry for being angry at you,
I just feel forgotten sometimes,
please, just help my family..

***** 3 Years Later*****
"Come on guys! We can't be late!" she cried out as she ran to the car from the front door.
She had her graduation gown on and her cap in hand!
This was the day she graduated!
She was so happy...and she got into her dream university!
But the most important part was that her mom had come back home!
Her dream was just to have her family put back together.
Sure, it might have took 3 years for it to happen,
but she knew God was always working on her behalf,
she knew that God heard her cries!
"Coming, Baby!" her father shouted back at her, holding his wife's hand.

She thought about that cold afternoon where she felt so lost and forgotten. When she prayed a simple prayer from her heart to God.
God saved her family.
She was so joyous she couldn't contain it.
And she was going to tell the world about it.

" ...for I am the LORD, who heals you." Exodus 15:26

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