Friday, March 1, 2019

Your Comfort

There is nothing like your comfort.
In the late night hour, when all is silent.
When the enemies' voice tries to swallow me,
I know your love is near, always fighting for me.
You are my hope Abba,
I am nothing without you.
Where can I run--?--all I want is you.

You comfort my heart
You restore my soul
You bring me into perfect peace & tranquility
you are all that I want and need.
So at this midnight hour
I just wanna say 'thank you'
Your love is so kind
I don't have to be sad ever,
you are my hope, my craving and my deepest desire
May all I do be to please you.

Forever yours,

"My Eyes fail looking for your promise; I say, "when will you comfort me?" Psalms 119:82
Thanks for reading! God bless you!! :)

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