Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Jesus is Your Joy (Depend on Him)

Photo by Jeremy Bishop from Pexels

I want you to be excited! Super excited!
You know why?
you don't have to be excited because you lost a lot of weight, or you are about to get married, or you got good grades at school...NOOO. Be excited because GOD IS FAITHFUL!

He is super faithful and he gives us reason to live and be excited about life! Be super excited.
When Jesus is our source of strength we have absolutely nothing to worry about. He is our strong tower, the love of our life and our hope.

We have nothing to fear
You have nothing to doubt
You have every reason to be excited.
I know that this world will throw so many things at you to get you discouraged, but if you can just endure and press through I assure you that God will be your absolute strong tower.

So just sit back, relax and enjoy the Jesus show. He will never leave or forsake you and everything you need is found forever in Him.

Thanks for reading. Stay encouraged! x Stacie

The joy of the Lord is your strength! Neh 8:10

Gird up your strength! *Watch This*

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