Thursday, October 24, 2019

How To Overcome Depression ❤️

Grief is something
It tries to destroy you
Crush you and make you half of who you are
Sometimes is forces you into anxiety
Sometimes is makes you so sad

But I want to reassure you— YOU ARE STRONG
last year I hit my lowest point when I lost my grandmother who I
loved with all my heart to cancer. But this year on her birthday, I was
full of love, hope, Joy and laughter. I owe it all completely to Christ.
When all Hope seems to be ripped from you, just know that God has
a plan and purpose for you. You may not want to live or you may feel like
the walking dead, but I can promise you, Jesus is right there, with his hand in yours
walking with you, walking you into DESTINY.
I promise...
The sun will rise again.

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