Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Your Gift is a Part of your Calling and The Most High Requires it

Photo by: Airam Dato-on
 By: Prophet Kwameh 
   We all have gifts and talents but when you are chosen and called it's another story on its own. Some don’t understand the calling, they run from it like I did until The Most High sent people in my life to encourage me in the prophetic office.
Certain callings require sacrifice; you will be misunderstood especially if you’re called and chosen as a Prophet.

     Scripture says in Proverbs 18:16, your gifts will make room for you. Yah is waiting for us to accept the calling and make the move. We fail to understand this because we think we need to be “perfect” in order to be used by The Most High but all we need to do is obey the calling, seek mentors, surround ourselves with faith filled accountable people as iron sharpens iron and pray.

    Seek to know your calling, it could be as a Prophet, Apostle, Teacher, Pastor, or Evangelist or mentor. Whatever gift or call it is make sure you fulfill it for the glory of Yah and know that the life of others depend on it. 

May the gifts that has been given unto you be used to glorify The Most High and advanced His kingdom.

 Be encouraged!
Prophet Kwameh is such an inspiration to me. He is a scribe to the nations and he is diligent about seeing the people of God prosper. Thank you so much for sharing your prophetic insight with us, The Body of Christ. 

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