Wednesday, February 12, 2020

God Said, "Call Me, Abba"

*Welcome to another blog post in the series, 'God Said', where prophetic words are given straight from the heart of God to you.*

Hi, My child. It's me, Abba, again.
I want you to lose your religion
lose all preconceived notions you have about me
You know how people think they know someone and assume?

well, I don't want you to assume anything with me
I want you to know me- fully and wholly
I want to be your Abba, Your Daddy

I want to do fun things with you-- go out to eat, play video games
I like what you like. I want friendship and communion
I want you. All of You !
I don't love as the world does--they consume you and spit you out when they're through
but that's not my heart towards you
I love you so much, so deeply, so sweetly
I want all of you
Your daddy is there for you
I'm here for you
no matter what

Just call on your Abba

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