Wednesday, April 22, 2020

A Calling Worth Trusting

Photo by Brooke Lewis from Pexels

Nothing can stop God from blessing you. You are at the right place at the right time and the love of Jesus is shining on you. You are glowing ! Satan might be trying to dim your light but he will not succeed. The weapon may form but it will not prosper. You may feel like you are unqualified to do what God has called you to do, but just like Moses, you must believe God. God does not care that you don’t have a degree, or that you stutter, or that you are fearful. He will use you in spite of. No matter what people say against you and the lies they may tell on you, nothing will be able to stop God’s plan for your life...NOTHING !

So here’s the thing, just make a list of all the things you are scared of, do it over your favorite lunch or dinner. Just talk to God and open up to him and I’m telling you, His peace will come flooding in your heart. He cares about every detail of our life and He wants to hear even our complaints and our pains. He lives inside of us so our thoughts are his as well. Remember you are not alone and God & you live in union and walk together. But how can two walk together unless they agree? Get close to God and don’t be afraid to share things with him. He wants to hear the deep groanings of your soul. Also, make sure you just enjoy God’s presence. He is a wonderful God and He loves our company. Just enjoy him and have fun with him. I know the pressures of life can be so daunting and overwhelming but I assure you, nothing will overtake you and no fear will overcome you. God is reigning supreme over your life. Learn to lean into him and trust Him with every fiber of your being .

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